Spell it out for me.

It’s funny, the more I do this – writing about our life – the more I find myself spending time on the little things.  Birthday parties and big moments all get their time in the spotlight, but there is brilliance in the ordinary.  Sometimes I forget to look for the simple beauty in this life, but lately its all I can see.  I’m quite certain that God has been intentional about stopping me in my tracks and making sure that I see the beauty all around me, right in the middle of my ordinary day.

I’m also certain that He has given me this gift because there have been some pretty big milestones thrown into our days for good measure.  He knows me well.

Ready for a good story?  So…about a month ago I decided to try something novel.  Instead of laying out my laundry list of requests for God, I simply told Him my need.  Of course I pointed out that He would probably need to spell out every single detail of His plan, otherwise I’d most certainly default to my own plans.  I also explained that I might resist His calling {especially if it required change} so He was going to have to make each and every step obvious.  Trust is hard.

Nervously we took the first step, looking ahead to second-grade and called our local elementary school to set up an appointment.  Surprising ourselves, Alex and I fell in love easily pictured our son Henry there as a student.  The very same school that my brothers and I also went to.  A school that is literally three blocks from our house.

One morning, out of the blue Henry announced: Mom, I want to go to a school where I sit at my own desk and the teacher tells me what to do.  I want to go to Apple Valley now.
Here sat my son, my sweet baby, who had struggled all school year-long; had lost his enthusiasm for learning and he was basically spelling things out for his poor mother.  I know, it seems obvious right?  My son instinctively knew what was best for him and I was still hesitant?

Yet change is hard and tricky, and while I tried to rationalize our current situation, I simply knew it wasn’t for Henry.  I felt justified in my feet dragging, because who actually switches schools for their first-grader mid-year? Crazy people that’s who.  But He was persistent.

The next thing I knew we were all sick.  Remember the whole strep/hospital fiasco?  Surely this was a sign, a big red *do not move forward* stop sign.  Right?  Or perhaps, this was the Lord working in a rather unusual situation?  I can’t even begin to explain the phone call I received from the elementary principal the week after Henry was sick, but still home recovering.  Were we going to make the switch? she asked.  Yes, I replied, all loose ends had been tied up at the old school, but I was still a nervous nelly.  And right when I needed reassurance the most, every little detail was covered and provisions were made, right down to Henry’s new teacher.  The very same woman who taught my brother Andy first-grade.  And her mother, was my preschool teacher.  Call me crazy, but it felt like the Lord was taking our tough situation – a rough school year and Henry being sick and missing over a week of school – and providing us with an unusual yes, but seemless transitional time and opportunity.  So we made the move.

Charlie, William and I walk to school everyday to pick-up up Henry. 

Henry literally floats to school everyday.  His zeal and sparkle for life are back and better than ever.  His enthusiasm and desire to learn have grown exponentially.  He is in love with reading, which he previously fought us tooth and nail over.  I could go on and on.  And of course he loves his three recesses a day and has discovered the joy of a cheese zombie hot lunch.

As these big life changes seem to go, the process was difficult for me.  I didn’t know the plan, or what He was going to ask of us.  Yet had I followed my own plan I’m pretty sure I’d still be stuck in the I have a problem and I’m just going to sit and worry about it stage.  Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.  Trusting Him is a tall order, but I’m learning that if we openly present Him with our needs {not our requests} great things can happen in His time.


8 thoughts on “Spell it out for me.

  1. It’s rather liberating, isn’t it??? Giving our lives over to the GOD who created us……quite the novel idea. I’m certainly all for it…….that way, I don’t have to fret about anything. HE has it all covered!! Good thing, too! I so easily mess it up!! Glad Henry is doing well……..I knew he would. GOD had it all planned……and it seems Henry was in on it!!!

  2. Wow Libby. . . I love this and it is such an encouragement. Asking for the needs – not the requests. Blessings to you all. I always am so buoyed by your blog. . .

  3. Wow, Libby! This is such a great post. It can be so hard to just let go and trust God…it sounds so easy but can be so very difficult to practice. And confirmation from the mouths of babes! Awesome!!

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