Canary in the coal mine

I’m writing over at A Perfect Lily today.

Ironically after my last post – where I declared I was waiting for specific direction before speaking out – Patti send me an e-mail asking a favor.  Would I be willing to contribute to the discussion about prenatal tests specifically designed to identify Down syndrome earlier than ever before in unborn babies?

There was no doubt that this was the clear and very specific direction I needed.  Of course this topic in its entirety seems too overwhelming to tackle alone, but the idea of tackling this subject alongside others gave me the courage I needed.

Writing my essay was a challenge and there were many roadblocks set up along the way.  It is also worth pointing out that I intentionally wrote this piece from a human perspective rather than from a Christian perspective.  There is no mention of God, scripture or faith.

It begins: Recent advances in prenatal testing allow mothers to learn about the genetic makeup of their unborn baby – specifically if their child has Down syndrome – much earlier in their pregnancy.  Some herald these tests as a “major step forward in prenatal diagnoses.”  However, the introduction of these tests also have many proclaiming that people with Down syndrome could soon be extinct.


I hate to be a killjoy {so to speak} but don’t you think it’s strange that as a society we have targeted a specific group of people for extinction and no one is raising a stink?

Click on over to read the entire essay and join us in the discussion.  I’d love to hear your opinion.

**Up-dated to add:  It should be noted that I’m speaking specifically about the prenatal tests that are designed to prenatally diagnose Down syndrome though many other disabilities could be substituted.  While many will argue that prenatal tests provide necessary information to expectant parents and doctors it is worth reiterating that there is no *cure* for Down syndrome.  {Or cerebral palsy, etc.}  Medically there is no reason to diagnose early or at all.  Yes, many babies who are born with Down syndrome do have heart conditions that require immediate attention at birth, however any medical issues that demand immediate attention can be caught and monitored via ultrasound.  Again, are we going to adjust our morals on the “what ifs” of this life or are we going to take the road less traveled and fight for the common good for all?  Please, make no mistake about the goal of these new tests.


3 thoughts on “Canary in the coal mine

    • Thank YOU Patti for facilitating all of this! What a blessing you are not only to me, but to so many moms and beautiful children of this world who have DS.

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