Well that was unexpected.

Where do I even begin?

Something magical happened this week.  Sure we were feeling a bit under the weather, but we didn’t have a schedule to follow.  Our biggest decisions revolved around what movie to watch next or which stack of books to read.  The dress code required pajamas and/or yoga pants.  In the kitchen we’d moved into *survivor* mode.  Thankfully no one seemed to mind *breakfast for dinner* yet again, or that our only supply of fruits and veggies were now either frozen or canned.  Truthfully?  It was thrilling to circle the wagons, ignore the world and just be with my little ones.

So you can imagine my surprise when we found ourselves back at the doctor’s office on Thursday.  While Charlie and I responded quickly to our antibiotics, Henry did not.  Instead he was feverish, his neck was stiff and you could literally see his lymph nodes bulging from his neck.  And while all these symptoms should have been warning enough, it was more concerning that Henry, our live-out-loud, on-the-go and always hungry little one was more than happy to lie quietly on the couch all week.

waiting, waiting to see the doctor…

One moment we were singing the hokey-pokey, ring-around-the-rosey and Jesus loves me at the doctor’s office and the next moment I was leaving a voice message for Alex saying something like Hey, I don’t want to worry you but we’re headed to the hospital, they want to do a CT scan on Henry…

I won’t include all of the details, but our day did include a CT scan in which they found an abscess on the back of Henry’s tonsil.  Immediately they admitted our sweet boy into the hospital.  Doctors began talking about a four-day stay and even surgery, but first they were going to blast him with antibiotics.  Neither Alex nor I fully understood at that point why they were so concerned.  {We learned about the whole *it could grow and block his airway* thing later}  That was probably a good thing.

There is no way to describe how brave Henry was.  And funny.  He never once lost his humor or full-of-life personality.

Examples:  While two nurses, Alex and I were holding him as they put in his IV line, an aid stopped by with some plastic toy animals.  Henry adamantly declared: Do they really think those things are going to distract me?

Or after our *restful* night in the hospital and only two rounds of IV antibiotics:  Boy, that medicine really hits the spot!

Oh how I love my sweet Henry!  I was shocked at the fierce and protective love that bubbled to the surface.  Of course I love my children, but there are times when it just takes your breath away.  This was one of those times.

As is the case with most of our adventures there were a few things worth noting.  I was so thankful for my one-on-one time with Henry.  It’s rare for just the two of use to spend time together and we made the most out of our adventure.  Not once did I break down or panic.  No tears, no freak out moments.  I’m not pointing this out to draw attention to myself, but rather to point out the miracle.  He is at work in me as I mother my children which deserves a hearty Halleluia!

Little miracles unfolded all around us.  The Lord was at work.  People were storming the gates of heaven for our little guy, lifting him up in prayer.  Our possible four-day hospital stay turned into 24-hours as Henry responded positively to the antibiotics.  All of Henry’s hospital *goals* were met.  {Lots of visitors, a new toy, and of course many friends were made as our little guy held court with the nurses and doctors.} 

For some reason writing out the details of our little *adventure* makes it sound much more dramatic than it actually felt.  We were calm, Charlie and William were in good hands with Nana, Henry was well cared for, and we could literally feel the love and prayers of so many friends and family.  It was truly a blessing to watch little miracles unfold and witness God at work.  All too often we focus on our unanswered prayers – but this week – was one big answer to prayer.  The quiet week home with the boys, an unexpected hospital stay with Henry, his quick recovery, good health…there are so many miracle moments to be praising Jesus for.

Again, another reminder to myself…Libby there are miracles where you least expect them.  Trust Him.  Look for them.


3 thoughts on “Well that was unexpected.

  1. Hi Libby:

    Love your blog…it always makes my day! Your boys are so sweet. I’m so happy that Henry is on the mend. God is good!

    My Alex is 2 1/2 and we are now deciding whether or not to send him to pre-school. Can you share any of your feelings/experiences on this topic with your son Charlie? In my heart, I do not feel ready to send Alex (he is not yet walking or talking and has a lot of stranger anxiety). His therapists (all but one – his speech therapist) think pre-school will be the best thing for him.

    I know you are so busy – so no hurry at all…I am just not sure what to do and am looking toward those who have already walked this path…

    Many thanks,
    Margaret Kaeberlein (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

  2. Love those boys!!! PJ time sounds fantastic as I hurriedly shuffle kids from activity to activity barely keeping my head above water… Albeit I’d prefer no visits to hospital :) Praising God for His goodness my friend! Those sweet boys are looking so grown up! Hugs to you my friend!!! XO

  3. Libby,

    I’m just now catching up on your blog. Wow! Glad to hear Henry made such a speedy recovery, without surgery needed. phew! Never a dull moment, right? :-) I love all the pictures of your sweet boys. Miss you guys!


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