Good in the here and now.

I’ve come a long way.  I realized this today as I sat in the car with all three boys in the middle of a school day in the pharmacy drive-thru.  We had just come from the pediatricians office where Henry and Charlie were diagnosed with strep which I’m 99% sure their darling mother gave to them.  {Though I have yet to get my own prescription…} This is not the remarkable part of the story.  Rather, it is the fact that my children were sick, we went to see the doctor and not once did I cry, make a dramatic *it’s the end of the world* phone call to either my mom or Alex, nor did I break out into a sweat.  Yes, this is worth recording.


While it would be easy to use the we’ve been under the weather excuse for my lack of writing, it just isn’t true.  No, my brain has plenty of thoughts and ideas swimming around.  I’ve been in a reflective mood.  I’ve challenged myself while making some big decisions for one of our little ones.  Quite honestly it feels like life has slowed down a bit without removing a thing from our to-do list.  Maybe this happens as kids get older?  You finally feel like you can take a breath, albeit a short one.  And by *older kids* I mean six, four and two years-old.  This is probably the sort of thinking that leads to four children.

Anyhow, you get the idea, my brain is overflowing with goodness.  We’ve celebrated a day of love, the kids are sick, I’m sick, life is good, everyone is growing up too quickly and I can’t quite pull together my thoughts.  Sometimes it’s a challenge for me to put into words how grateful I am to simply be here and with my children.  All to often this gift of presence can seem tedious, monotonous and exhausting and I easily get caught up in the really hard {to me} stuff, while forgetting to sit back and enjoy the good.

The gift of being there to rub the back of a little one who doesn’t feel well.   Going for a walk on a sunny, yet cold winter day.  Long-weekends with family.  Coloring, learning colors, and learning to color on paper only.  Reading books together.

Maybe there is a point to this post.  A message to myself really…slow down Libby.  Look at how beautiful everything is when you slow down.  No it’s not glamorous, adventures may beckon, but really is there anywhere else you would want to be right now? 


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