My {new} favorite time of day.

My favorite part of the day has long been that little slice of mid-day heaven that is otherwise known as *nap time.*

Oh, glorious nap time.  Ask almost any mother of small children and she will most likely smile, let out a pleasant sigh and start to get a far-off look of longing in her eyes as she dreams about this blessed time of day.  Now you don’t start thinking this means I don’t love my darling children – obviously I do.  But who couldn’t use a *moment of peace* in between the chaos?

And when I say *a moment of peace* I should probably clarify.  My *moment of peace* is really an hour to eat my own lunch, clean up everyone else’s lunch, answer e-mails, return phone calls, pay bills, read blogs, write, and try to catch up on my bible study homework.  Yes, sometimes I need a moment following my moment.

Anyhow, I’m getting way ahead of myself.  The point is, sometimes things change.  {gasp!}  And small children stop napping.  {double gasp!}  Initially I wasn’t sure what to do when Charlie gave up his naps.  Persistent mom that I am, we would still read stories and I would put him in his room for some quiet time, but more often than not he wouldn’t fall asleep until minutes before we would have to leave the house to go pick up Henry from school.  This wasn’t working.

After making a few adjustments, we’ve found a solution that suits us both.  As soon as we {William, Charlie and I} get home from picking up Charlie from school, the two boys eat their lunches.  I then get William ready for bed while Charlie plays in the family room with his toys.  I then come back out to eat my lunch and Charlie joins me for his *second* lunch.  He especially loves this round because mama brings out the potato chips.  Score!  He snacks on his chips and oranges, while drinking from his big-boy cup.  I ask him about his day at school.  We laugh, smile and carry on even if very few words are spoken.

On special days we make cookies {adventures in gluten-free baking, but that’s a story for another time…}  He knows that this is a special time – just mommy and Charlie – and I soak up this precious one-on-one time with my middle son.

With about one hour left until we leave to get Henry, Charlie goes into his room for some quiet time.  He is ready, sweet boy needs his solo time just like his mommy.  And just like that, our {new} favorite time of day is over.


2 thoughts on “My {new} favorite time of day.

  1. ah, the loss of naptime…Madeline gave it up at 2 years as I recall..Taylor and Mallory napped until they were almost 5! What a shock it was to have a 2 year old up all day :) Charlie is looking SO handsome with his new haircut! He’s grown so much! Love to all!

  2. It’s such a change to the flow of the day when that naptime is gone. Sounds like you’ve rearranged your schedule very nicely, and got a sweet bonus of special time with your amazing middle son. Hooray for hidden blessings!

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