It doesn’t get much better than this.

I think its safe to say that Charlie loves skiing.


Do you hear that magical little giggle of his?  Perhaps its the sweetest sound ever?

Of course little brother William wanted to get in on the action too.  {And I should note that at this point it was just me and the two little ones…and one very kind and helpful magic carpet attendant…}

Henry, who after showing his brothers the ropes on the magic carpet had taken off with his dad for another big day on the slopes.  Apparently they did a few *steeps* and skied the *trees.*

This left me snapping photos of my oldest only while sledding, later in the day, way after the big-time skiing was over.

Other funny notes about our winter weekend:

::  While pulling the two little ones on the sled {around the parking lot and such…} I turned around and caught them doing this:

we’re eating snow mommy! said William.

Oh dear.

::  Yes, that is William’s winter hat.  And yes, it fits his personality perfectly.


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