It was very merry.

And I’m exhausted.

Eight days.

Nine people.

Nine hour road trip.

Three under the age of six.

It was amazing.

Really.  As in I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  {Though I’m not so sure everyone else is ready to give it a go quite yet…}

Some highlights {before the massive photo share}:

::  Henry skied four days total and kept up with all of the adults.  And if I’m being honest, he may have even passed me up a couple of times…Of course I’m sure our helpful coaching of Henry, if you aren’t able to keep up with the adults, you’re going to have to go in…was very helpful.  We’re nice like that.

::  Watching my brothers spend some quality time {a.k.a. eight days} with my boys.  Henry, Charlie and William adore their uncles, but we don’t get to see them as often as we would like, so this was a great way to get our fix.

::  Skiing one afternoon with my dad, two brothers and Henry.  How cool is that?

::  Christmas Eve.  We went to a child-led service and our boys soaked it up.  They were mesmerized by the Christmas carols and William was thrilled by the real live donkey.  Look mommy, a baby horsey! 

::  Spending time with my God-parents Jim and Anne, their kids and spouses.  There isn’t anything better than friends that are really more like family.

::  My parents.  They are endlessly patient with our kids, their kids {a.k.a. *me*} and are so generous.  We love them so much!

::  Car time with Alex.  When I’m not sleeping away in the passenger seat we always have some great conversations; planning and scheming for our future, parenting, and life.  Simple stuff like that.

Apparently this was the trip where Alex escaped all of the photos and Pop-pop was always ready with a smile…

It was a wonderful vacation and celebration.  The perfect way to wrap up the year.  Now it’s probably time to go and be productive again.  You know, like think of resolutions and goals for the new year and such.


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