A gentle reminder, request and a big thank you!

Christmas is right around the corner.  Can you believe it?  I love this time of year and I’m doing my best to cherish each moment with our little ones, family and friends and hope you are to.

Yet in the busyness and joy of this holiday season, I’m coming to you with a request.

Have you made a donation yet to Xander’s fundraiser?

I know that many of you have given, others have thought about giving, and many are praying for this fundraiser.

Thank you.

Did you know that this is Reece’s Rainbow’s biggest fundraiser of the year?

Worried that your donation of only $5, $10 or $50 couldn’t possibly make a difference?  It does and it will.  In only five years, donations like yours to Reece’s Rainbow have helped to save more than 500+ children with Down syndrome and other special needs from life and death in orphanages and mental institutions around the world.

Adoption is expensive.  As in $30,000+ expensive.  Yet there is no shortage of families hoping to adopt a child with Down syndrome, only a shortage of funds to do so.   Money is the ONLY thing keeping them apart.  And every little bit helps.

Xander’s fundraiser is going strong but we need your help.

$1,000 has been donated as generous matching gift by Barn Light Electric.

The Holiday Gift Guide brought in a whopping $1,164!

To add some fun into the mix {as an incentive maybe?} Alex and I asked Jeannett if we could help by donating a DSLR, a Kindle, a stand mixer and a drill as part of a giveaway for those who donate and help to spread the word about Xander’s fundraiser.

Would you consider making a donation to Xander’s fundraiser today?

Thank you for believing in Xander, his potential and his right to have a loving family of his own.

May you have a joy-filled Christmas with your loved ones.


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