Slow down.

Slow down. 

I’ve been intentionally shifting things around in my daily life.  These shifts while made out of necessity, have borne many gifts.  Instead of dutifully pressing through each day, I began to leave myself time and space for what’s real in this life.  Of course I resisted, but like any discipline it took both time and willingness to see the fruit of resting.  Soaking up the here and now. Taking time to belive and bask in His grace and truth.

Of course I still catch myself being pulled into the future, anxious and unknown, my heartbeat quickening at the thought of my to-do list.  Slowly I’ve learned to pause, surrendering my tasks into His hands.  This skill has taken months to hone.

Slow down. 

Part of this new progress is simply basking in each moment.  Soaking it up instead of rushing for my camera.  Settling for the camera phone.  Of course there are times when it just works; my camera is handy and the scene unfolding simply must be recorded.

And yet this feeling remains; sometimes there is something terribly appealing about simply living life as it comes and not feeling pressured to document it every moment.

Slow down.

These intentional words have entered my life at a rather opportune time.  In a season that shouts hurry, hurry, hurry! I’ve done my best to step aside. We’ve pulled back, bought less and have instead focused on time with family and creating meaningful traditions.

And I even think it might be working.  Last night in conversation my brother declared me less intense.  That’s progress right?

In the spirit of simplicity and focus, how about some pictures of the season in no particular order?  Because there has been so much goodness it would be a shame not to remember…

Yes, Charlie really does things like this on a regular basis. 

And yes, little brother William also does things like this…

Baking.  With my three boys.  In stripey jammies.  Perfection!

Christmas tree crafts with Aunt Christy

terrible picture, wonderful memory of two brothers reading and laughing together…

His long-time nickname Charlie choo-choo is really starting to fit.  Charlie loves his trains…are you taking notes Santa?

Yes, that would be William wearing some of Henry’s undies.  {clean}  He so desperately wants to be just like his big brothers.  And yes, soak in the curls, because they are gone.  Yes, I’m a little bitter and yes, I’m also aware that hair grows back, but really?

Henry was thrilled to help make our teacher gifts.  Blame it on blogland, but I love these little banners and so we gave them a try…Henry couldn’t believe his good fortune – he even got to use the hot glue gun all by himself!  {then again, I’m pretty sure any sort of *gun* right now is a favorite of his…}

Christmas dinner at our house with Alex’s family

Christmas around the house…

I hope the rest of your Christmas season is both restful and filled with joy.


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