The Christmas program, a milestone nevertheless.

This year Charlie *sang* in our church Christmas program.

Charlie with his best-buddy Jack

Um, yes, this was a really, really big deal.  Consider it one of those silly milestones I worried about and wondered if it would ever really happen…would my baby boy ever get to sing with all of the other children?  Sounds silly, but true.

I thought my heart was going to burst with pride.

He was only distracted once…by a bright and shiny and sparkly dress…we don’t see many of those around our house…

Henry sang with the big kids.  {Wearing his navy blue blazer of course.}  He still does all of the hand motions and such, but I think he’s becoming a bit more *aware* and shy about the whole thing.  This makes me so sad as I know that this means he is getting older.


It was one big exciting morning.

Pretty soon William will join them and then I will really be one crazy-proud stage mom.


4 thoughts on “The Christmas program, a milestone nevertheless.

  1. YAY!! for Charlie!! You know, JEB doesn’t do the regular kids program at our church, but he sure can sing! In the car, when I listen to KLOVE radio or have on my praise/worship mix, he sings and sings!! His favorites are “Holy, Holy, Holy…..the Revelation Song”, or “Unto the Lamb” or any Chris Tomlin song!!! It must thrill the angels when our sweet, little guys lift up HIM in their own sort of worship!!

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