A gingerbread house. The real story.

We have a handful of Christmastime traditions at our house, some were started intentionally, others by happenstance.  One is the decorating of a gingerbread house.  For many years it has been up to me and Alex to decorate {with *help*}, but this year Henry decided it was time to take the lead and do it all himself.

Imagine a nice afternoon after school.  The boys are all up at the kitchen counter, ready to help decorate the gingerbread house.  {Costco, pre-made kit of course.}  Henry is beyond thrilled.  He told all of his friends at school I’m going to decorate my gingerbread house today!  I was just thrilled to have a fun {easy!} Christmas-y project for the boys to enjoy.

We spread out all of our goodies and I open the frosting.  Two seconds later I have somehow popped a hole in the frosting bag and frosting is everywhere.  Henry was devastated.  Mom, its ruined!  I’m sort of ticked-off at the Costco gingerbread kit.  Really guys?  You couldn’t spring for the thicker frosting bags!?

Never the less, it was a lesson in *spreading* frosting, because as I pointed out to Henry snow doesn’t fall in those perfect little swoopy lines anyway.  The picture on the box is unrealistic Henry, so spread that frosting snow all over the place!  Henry declares me a genius.  {maybe not his exact words, but something along those lines…} Crisis adverted.

Meanwhile, I tried to occupy the little ones with watercolor paints to avoid the lame, no, William you can’t eat any of those yummy looking treats because there is gluten in that cookie.  Somehow the message gets lost in translation when speaking to a 2 year-old who is mesmerized by the piles of candy spread across the countertop.

Right around the time I went off and did something selfish like switch the laundry or used the bathroom Charlie helped himself and ate the gingerbread house Christmas tree.  Not one to be deterred, Henry helped himself to a branch of my succulent plant and ta-da! we had a tree replacement.

I’m pretty sure my candy-deprived child was preparing to eat the paint…

All in all, I’d say it was a success, minus the fact that this morning William *may* have eaten half the candy off of the roof.  This will not bode well for those of us on diaper duty tomorrow.

Funny isn’t it, how the moments that don’t go as planned that are the most memorable…


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One thought on “A gingerbread house. The real story.

  1. I had to smile at this part: “Right around the time I went off and did something selfish like switch the laundry or used the bathroom…”

    Story of our lives, right?

    I’m very proud of your ambition. You inspire me to do more with my kids even when I don’t want to. :) Hope you have the merriest of Christmases!!!

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