Season of Celebration

We’ve been soaking up this season of thanksgiving and celebration, yet I’ve neglected to share any of our fun here.

We’ve had days blessed with family, a Thanksgiving that lasted four days, unhurried moments, moments when I’ve frantically rushed about and moments I have wanted to freeze forever.

There too has been heartache and stress and worry – this is life after all – but I refuse to give them the attention they beg for.  No, I’m choosing peace and joy, praising Him always.  It is a choice, did you know this?  Sometimes I forget.

For lack of a better idea, let’s catch up with photos shall we?  {you know I’m still going to chime in right?}

All things Christmas-y surround us and by-golly that festive feeling is starting to sink in.  We’ve hosted a party with friends, decorated the house and re-decorated the house.

The little ones have started their wish lists…Or maybe just Henry.  And most of his wishes come from the Cabella’s catalog.  Seriously?

We’ve also had moments both quiet and deliberate, as we teach our children the gift of this season.   This is both a joy and a responsibility.

The contrast can be startling.  The joy and the reverence.  The responsibilities and tasks of the season.  The excitement and energy of the little ones.  The light in the darkness of winter.  The celebration.

I pray that my focus remains on Him each day, every minute.  And that by His grace alone, He will fill me up, and use me to pour out His love and grace to others this Christmas season.

I pray this despite my reality:  I haven’t shopped for any gifts or made a single Christmas cookie.

I know.   Pretty soon I’m going to have to do more than bask in the glow of my Christmas tree.  {Did you see the feathers?!}


Thank you, thank you, to those who have already given so generously to Xander.  We believe that every child is a gift from God, and believe this is such a wonderful way for us to show the world our love.  To show the value of each and every life.  Our entire family thanks you for your donations and support of Xander and covet your prayers for this sweet angel.

There is no shortage of families hoping to adopt a child with Down syndrome, only a shortage of funds to do so.   Money is the ONLY thing keeping them apart.  Any donation amount is appreciated.  As a bonus, thanking you for your support, we’ve added giveaway items to the mix!  Would you please consider making a donation and spreading the word about Xander’s fundraiser?  I’m going to mail out those giveaway items to someone…it might as well be you…  If you make a donation, share the news on your Facebook page or blog, be sure to visit us here or here so you can enter to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer or a Bosch Drill or a Canon T3 DSLR or a Kindle.


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