This is the day.

We don’t know what tomorrow may hold.  We don’t know the ways that life will change.  We are not privy to the blessing or tragedy that is around the corner.  All we have is today.  All we have is the choice to live the life abundant that Jesus died on the cross that we might live.  So today, this day the Lord has made, it is a gift to us.  Let us receive it with joy and with meaning.  Let us love those God puts in front of us, let us be about the good works that the Spirit points us to, let us take today and make today about Jesus and His Kingdom.

Today my heart is bursting with joy and a bit heavy.

For the longest time I’ve prayed about Eric, the the same sweet Eric we {you, me, all of us} raised funds for at Christmas last year.  Long story short, I was notified by Reece’s Rainbow that Eric is no longer in their system.  He may have been adopted, perhaps his birth family had a change of heart, possibly he is no longer eligible for adoption, or worst case scenario, he was transferred to an institution.  Thus the heavy heart.

Why am I sharing all of this with you?

Because I still believe in this cause – raising awareness of the worldwide orphan crisis, particularly those orphans with special needs – with all my heart.

I realize we are first supporting a cause, and yes we give a name and a face for people to rally around, but ultimately our cause is orphan rescueReece’s Rainbow does an amazing job, serving as the connector between families, adoption agencies, and orphanages.  And while they can’t necessarily guarantee the outcome of every adoption, they can guarantee that our money is always going to support orphan rescue.  No money is ever “lost” however, it could be transferred to a different orphan depending on the circumstances.

As it stood, my Christmas Warrior fundraising plans were up in the air and it was time to rearrange my plans.

Enter Jeanette from Life Rearranged.  I contacted her to see if she would be willing to partner together to raise funds for an orphan through Reece’s Rainbow.  I had a few ideas up my sleeve and well, since she is a big-time blogger and I’m just a little-time blogger I knew she would have the muscles and connections we needed to make this work.  We e-mailed, chatted on the phone and put something together that I’m so excited to share with you.

This is a really big deal.

I’m stepping out on a limb and asking for your help.  Again.

Today I’m joyful because I get to introduce you to Xander.  Xander, is a two-year old little boy who lives as an orphan in Russia.  Xander has Down syndrome and this sweet angel so desperately needs a family of his own.  A mama to shower him with kisses and love, and a daddy to protect and teach him as he grows.  This Christmas he doesn’t need the latest toy or gadget, he needs a mother to rock him to sleep, to kiss his tear-stained cheeks, or to whisper words of love, encouragement and protection into his ears.  He desperately needs a family willing to give him a chance in this life and let’s face it international adoption is expensive.

Jeanette and I were determined to raise money and awareness for Xander, and as we brainstormed ways to spread the word about Xander’s fundraiser, we knew that people like prizes.

So, we devised a little plan: give away some awesome gear…and get more eyes over to Xander.

Wouldn’t it be fun to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer or a Bosch Drill or a Canon T3 DSLR or a Kindle?

Ready to join us?

All you have to do is blog, tweet, Facebook, spread the word about Xander and help us to raise both funds and awareness for this sweet boy.

You get the idea.  This isn’t your first giveaway right?

Let’s bless Xander.  I know that your heart breaks for orphans.  And I know that it may not be possible for you to adopt.  But a family out there would love to. And you can help.

Together we can combine our portions for Xander’s adoption fund.  So that when a family steps forward to adopt him, a gift of funding will be awaiting them

Let’s make this Christmas be about more than wrapping paper and twinkling lights.

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to Xander’s adoption fund through Reece’s Rainbow.

Please don’t allow yourself to believe you cannot make a difference.

Because today my friends, we will do something.

{For all of the details concerning Xander’s fundraiser go here.}


One thought on “This is the day.

  1. We have the Reese’s Rainbow ornament on our tree with Eric’s picture, from giving last year. I was just thinking and praying for him the other day when I saw it and wondering if he had been adopted. I will continue to pray for him even more now.

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