Just right.

Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

We assembled our shoe boxes and watched a video showing the boys where these gifts would go and the impact they will have.  We talked about all of the places our gifts could go…Africa, the Philippines, Ecuador…it’s going to be an adventure tracking their journey.

A visit with Great-Gandmama, Great-Grandpapa and Aunt Jan.

A parade.

What is veteran’s day mommy?  Again, another humbling conversation.

Lunch at Quizno’s.  Not necessarily remarkable, but it was.  A mom and her three boys eating a lunch out.  No high-chairs, sippy cups or bibs.  Just my sweet trio of little ones.  We gave a cheers! with our big-boy cups in celebration of our big day.

The house is quiet, little ones sleeping and Henry outside with buddies jumping in the leaves.

And this song comes on.  Good Life.  Coincidence?  Probably not.


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