In the last week…

I had a quick little getaway with my mom to our favorite home away from home.  We witnessed the running of the sheep, bought sweaters from the crazy sweater lady, ate the two-two-two at the Kneadery, drank a barmar at the Pio and ate out in multiple restaurants.  It was a perfect weekend retreat, and I came home re-energized and excited to see my boys and Alex.

my camera has been gathering dust and our iphoto died due to photo overload, so a picture of sheep is the best I can do…

While I was gone Henry had this conversation with one of the moms helping out in the classroom at school:

Did you know that my mom and Nana are in Sun Valley for the weekend?  Yeah, my mom really needed a break.  She doesn’t get a break everyday like my dad.  He gets a break all the time because he goes to work.

I’ve worn yoga pants six out of seven days.  Only two of those days did I actually go to yoga.  Let’s not even discuss how many days I have {or haven’t…} washed my hair.

I killed a mouse with a tennis racket.  I’m a bit surprised our neighbors didn’t come running since I was repeatedly yelling die! die already! for the love of all things die!  It was traumatic to say the least.

We had a *photo shoot* with all three boys.  It sounds all fancy and all, but in all reality it was almost an hour and a half of me and two other women trying to corral the boys and getting them to smile at the same time.  Note to self, don’t attempt a studio photography session anytime soon.  But bless their little hearts, the boys did so well and William easily ate more candy then he has ever had in his whole life.

While driving to the shoot I explained to Henry what we were doing.  Why do they want to take pictures of us mommy?  I explained that this was for a local parenting magazine and they were doing a feature on raising kids with special needs.  I told him they were probably going to ask us questions like: what’s it like to be in our family?  What is it like to have brothers?  What is it like to have a brother with Down syndrome?  Without skipping a beat, Henry piped in, They’ll probably ask if we have a dog too!  The no big deal, of *it* is such a blessing.  My brother has Down syndrome and we have a dog named June…

Oh and God spoke to me loud and clear, out of the blue answering one of my longest running prayers.  I’m a doer and sometimes I get all wrapped up in what I should be *doing* to serve the Lord.  {I know, I know…}

It seems like so and so is serving Him through adoption.  Another person is headed to Africa.  And this family serves Him by serving others in a soup kitchen.

And me?  Well I try.  But I had this nagging feeling that if I wasn’t doing something amazing! then it didn’t count.  {I know, I know…}

So I do my best to get all worked up and enthusiastic for this or that.  There are so many good causes, so many needs, so many hurting people.

But He hasn’t called me to become a missionary somewhere across the ocean.

He called them.

So you can only imagine my surprise when last Sunday, out of the blue I heard Him speak words that I have been longing to hear.  {Now, first let me assure you that Alex looks at me like I’m the crazy lady who talks to herself on the bus when I say things like: so, the other day God spoke to me…I’m OK with that.}

When the Holy Spirit speaks to me He often does so with a sense of humor.  He totally gets me.

For Pete’s sake Libby.  I have given you your mission.  Don’t you see it?  Look all around you.  There are people hurting right here, people who need to know ME and my love for them.  Look all around you; your family, Charlie, I have given you an amazing mission.

He knows.  He knows  all things.  He knows my heart.  He knows.


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