These are the days.

Fall is the best.  I love crisp sunny days.  Even the occasional rainy afternoon.  Fall is also busy.  {As if the other seasons are dull…}  Right now our days are filled to the brim – but in the best way – and we’re finally getting into a groove.  Henry and Charlie are happily settled in school {the same school!} And William and I are enjoying our mornings together.  I’m practically giddy at my good fortune, getting to spend hours of one-on-one time with my littlest guy.

Sure things get busy as we drive back and forth between the school and our house {three times daily}, an *occasional* stop at Starbucks, a trip to the grocery, Target, weekly bible study, various appointments, toss in a walk with William and the dog, some story time or play time, snack time, lunch time, practice spelling, laundry, dinner, bathtime…you get the idea.  Yet in the midst of all of the crazy, I just know that this is the best.

Cue Natalie Merchant…these are the days…

Anyhoo, all of this goodness has left us with happy and smiling boys {albeit with runny noses and coughs}, a camera full of photos, laundry baskets over-flowing, carpets that desperately need cleaning, and various projects scattered around the house.  That sounds about right.

We’ve been blessed.  So prepare yourself, I’m about to razzle-dazzle you with some good-old fashioned photo overload in the form of lots of big smiles, happy children and an abundance of fall goodness.

We went to the county fair.

My boys love the fair.  Every single thing about it.

And each year their mom needs a moment to get over the whole *it’s crowded, kinda dirty and well, fair-ish* thing.

Of course my camera battery died ten minutes into our trip so we went for the next best option.

William might just have a little bit of cowboy in him…

It should be noted that Alex has decided it’s no longer necessary to wear a sport coat and tie to the fair.  I know, right?  What’s next jeans at church!?

Henry put on his bravest face and tried the jumpy trampoline thing.

I didn’t notice that the bungee cords were held together by knots only until my son was already 40 feet off the ground…

It is also worth recording that I spent an hour at the fair all-by-myself with the three boys.  Alex had to head back to work {we like to hit the fair in the middle of the day along with the senior citizen crowd} so the boys and I treated ourselves to an elephant ear, watched a horse show and did the trampoline thingy before heading home.

We went to the cider press, and again had a wonderful time.

Charlie helped.

He would carefully fill up his bucket and take it to the assembly line.

Henry fed the cows.  He would be a great farmer.

I think Charlie is ready to steal William’s cookie?

A few days later we used our apple stash to make homemade applesauce.  The boys cannot eat it fast enough.

Its cold and rainy so we’re eating lots of soups, and fall-ish food.  Tonight it’s Grandmama’s famous meatloaf.


One thought on “These are the days.

  1. A question… do you keep your carpets so clean?? Do y’all take off shoes before entering the house??? I think I’m going to have to incorporate this into our routine. Our den carpet is AWFUL!! We clean it every 3 or 4 months, but it continues to look just nasty!! HELP!!

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