Indian Summer

Can you still say that?  I just did, because that’s what we’re having around here.  Summer is over and yes the days are shorter, the nights are cooler.  However, the thermometer still is hovering around 90 degrees.

I’m ready for fall.  I love fall.  Yes, each season brings its own beauty, but there is something special about the crisp fall air.  Fall is a season of change and new beginnings.  It brings with it jeans and sweater weather, pumpkin bread and cozy evenings.  It is a season of comfort filled with familiar traditions.

Summer on the other hand is brighter, bolder.  It demands slip ‘n’ slides, popsicles and a big *ass* tea to keep you cool.  {It’s a family joke…we love our big *iced* tea lemonade around here…} Summer is filled with vacations and BBQ’s and family gatherings.  It is a time for discovery.  A season in motion.

I’m ready to welcome the slower pace of fall, but not without sharing just a few more summer smiles and memories.  It was a good one.

Charlie decided he loved swimming after all, happily paddling around the pool without any help.

William discovered *pop-crackies* a.k.a. popsicles and was sold at first lick.

Let’s just call him *potty aware*…

My mom, her siblings and their mother.



4 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Hey Libby,
    A question?? Will Charlie go ‘poo’ on the potty?? JEB still won’t sit and go on the potty!!! It’s sooooooo frustrating!!! I’m so over having to change his messy pull-ups! He wears underwear all day at school and will go when taken, but he will NOT sit and go ‘poo’!!! Any suggestions?

    And I am so all about popsicles, too!!! Love that William!!

    • Debbie, ironically going *poo* is what Charlie is best at! I was able to catch him just before {he would stop what he was doing, run and hide, etc.} and would run him to the potty where I would hold him there until he did the deed. Thankfully this has translated into success for us {I was a bit worried that my initial *holding him there* could set us back}. Charlie now hops onto the potty and goes poo, sometimes without us even realizing it. However, the same is not true for pee, seems he doesn’t want to be bothered…I know that this is the opposite of what most kids do, so it’s probably not that helpful. Good luck to you and Jeb!

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