Happy To You.

Has it really only been four years?  Hasn’t it been a lifetime?  I cannot remember life without Charlie.

Charlie, you brought much into this world, but one gift – the beauty you brought to this life – outshines them all.  When life includes beauty, there are emotions involved.  You feel it.  You celebrate it.  The joys and the sorrows, quietly and loudly.

You brought to us the beauty God longs for us to know in this life.  Beauty that can’t help but grow from an appreciation, a sensitivity and understanding of life.  From this, the fruits of compassion, gentleness, joy and love can only flourish.

God’s refinement makes us beautiful and He will settle for nothing less than astounding beauty.  Beauty does not just happen.  It must be created by His hand.

Today we’re thanking God especially for creating YOU.

Happy Birthday Charlie!

You are so loved and we are thrilled to celebrate YOU today!

{Little dude knows how to rock a sombrero and a hip new haircut.  Yes. I said dude.  I know that some of you are snickering out there – you know who you are – but dude, whatever.}


The celebration.

Seems we have a bit of a tradition on our hands now two years strong.  Dinner out at Red Robin, just the five of us.

Who can say no to bottomless fries, balloons for the boys to fight over, singing and a free ice cream sundae?

I think we have a winner.

Charlie we love celebrating with you as much as we love celebrating you.

William might have said it best tonight.  Happy to you Charlie!


8 thoughts on “Happy To You.

  1. happy birthday to charlie! looks like charlie had a great time at red robin. such a cute, sweet boy! your family is so darling. thanks for sharing, libby!

  2. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!! You are such a sweetie!!

    I had a friend of ours ask some advice for a church family who just today, had a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome. Can you give me a list of the stuff that you hand out at your hospital to new parents??? I told my friend I’d get back to her with your blog and other info. When JEB was born, we just spent time learning as much as we could about it, plus we had such a wonderful Neonatologist!! We still keep in touch to this day!! Anyway, your thoughts and advice would certainly be appreciated!!!


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