In a moment of weakness…

…Alex convinced me it was time for William’s first haircut.

Oh my goodness, right?

Yes, I was there when we all piled into the car after dinner.

I was there while we trolled the Dollar Tree aisles, waiting for our turn at Supercuts.

I watched my kids play on the floor with the nasty bead-toy thing-y in the waiting room.

Even Henry understood the weirdness of it all.  Mom this is so cool.  We should all be at home in bed right now, but instead we’re at Supercuts! 


Afterwards I thought William looked like a balding middle-aged man.  Maybe the crazy curly mohawk/mullet wasn’t so bad after all?

Perhaps crazy hair is the just norm around here?

But at breakfast William was looking pretty darn handsome.  And grown-up.

How does that happen so quickly?


6 thoughts on “In a moment of weakness…

  1. NOOOOOO!!!!!! I can’t stand first haircuts. I know it has to happen sooner or later, but I loved his curls.
    I asked Mason who that was. He replied, “Henry!” I told him it was William, and he said (with eyes wide), “He got bigger!”
    He really does look quite handsome. And he is fast approaching that 2nd birthday!

  2. Oh my goodness, he totally looks like Henry! He’s so cute.

    But I keep laughing out loud at two of your phrases: “the crazy curly mohawk/mullet” and “the nasty bead-toy thing-y” !!! :) You’re so funny! That’s so true that every waiting room has one of those, and I never really thought about how nasty they probably all are. That’s hilarious!! I’m still laughing out loud. :)

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