What he would rather be doing.

You know, instead of coloring stick people.

My sweet Henry would rather be giving Charlie golf lessons.

This is all unprompted.  Henry simply loves to share his favorite activities with those he loves.  {He gets this from his Pop-Pop.}

He patiently helps Charlie put on his shoes and they head out for a round in our front yard.

Henry is so patient.  He says things like Nice hit Charlie!  Way to go.  I think you’re ready to start using your irons now buddy! 

They put and chip, put their clubs away and then head back inside for a lemonade break.

Watching this makes my heart sing and fill with joy. 

They are friends, they are buddies.  They so clearly love one another. 

I love this. 


3 thoughts on “What he would rather be doing.

  1. I love seeing this Libby! Cody and Nate are really just beginning to interact more and I love it! It’s a beautiful thing to see and so important to know our boys bond over the common things in life – the simple things they love to do….

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