A first.

A masterpiece by Henry.

It’s our family.  {obviously, right?}  Dad, Henry, Mom {with the tired googly eyes}, Charlie and William…

His first-ever stick figure drawing.  Ever.

Probably because his mean mom made him have an entire hour of *quiet-time* in his room.  And he was limited to things like coloring and legos and reading.   gasp.

A quote from the artist:  Mom, this was so hard to do.  You have no idea how long it took me to draw the people.  I probably won’t ever draw people again.   

We celebrated by giving it top billing on the refrigerator.


7 thoughts on “A first.

  1. well, if it’s any consolation to Henry…..I’m 50 and still can only draw stick people!! My kids in the classroom (1st graders) would laugh at me when I would draw people on the board!!!

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