Summer is in full-swing and we’re loving everything about it.  Beyond the marathon days of swimming and tennis lessons, walks and trips to the park we’re doing our best to soak up each and every warm day.

Just about everything seems a little better in the summertime.

Even potty training is better in the summer.  Right?

Even June is trying to get in on the summer action.  I catch her swinging multiple times during the day.  She’s a nut.

I’ve asked Alex if she might have a screw loose.  He’s assured me she’s fine.  I remain unconvinced.

Our garden, which actually looks slightly decent.  Don’t believe the pictures.  And to top it all off, my squash and cucumbers were finally taking off, that is until June ate the blooms off of each plant.  Guess there’s always next year right?

Summer is also a great time for snuggling babies, and baby Jack was no exception.

I’m a little surprised, but this summer is moving a bit too fast for me.


3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. There’s so much that’s better in the summertime. The garden looks good. Love seeing June on the swing – very funny!

  2. I love your pictures :) June looks like a fun puppy to have around .Does she still chase the boys? The popsicle looks so yummy …and your garden looks spectacular.

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