Happy 14th of July!

Don’t you just love it when someone wants to share all of their vacation photos with you?

You know the type, the mom who thinks her little ones are just the cutest things ever? Even when they’re running through a water fountain wearing only their diapers…

Oh wait, that’s me.

The kids and I hit the road for ten days of vacation.  The first part included time with Nana and two dear Aunts.  We’re already planning for our time together next year and hope it includes even more Aunties and cousins…

Charlie loved the gondola…we literally had to pry him out of it when our ride was over…William, I’m not sure…he had just rubbed sunscreen into his eyes…

We walked everywhere.  OK, I walked everywhere while Charlie and William hitched a ride in the Bob, which pretty much became my car.  Henry rode his bike everywhere.  Everywhere.  And I sadly I don’t have a picture of any of this, probably because I was pushing the darn stroller everywhere.  Bless its heart.

We settled into a nice routine of walking into town three times a day.  Morning trips in for coffee and to play at one of the many parks.  Afternoon trips to the grocery store and a stop for ice cream in the evenings.

Five days into our vacation Alex and our friends rolled into town and we kicked things up a notch.

We kept a pace that was nothing short of remarkable considering our crew of five little boys all under the age of six.

We visited at least two parks a day.  Went on bike rides.  {Um, riding a bike is way too much fun.  Who knew?} Gondola rides.  To the farmer’s market.  To the rodeo.  On picnics.  Out to lunch, yes with four adults and five children.  Set off fireworks.  Hikes.  Played in the snow.  Went out for an adults only dinner.  Walks, walks and more walks.  Of course we scheduled some downtime.  Coffee breaks in the morning, iced tea in the afternoons and not one cocktail hour was missed.

The kids were all amazing.  Really.  Of course they had their moments.  {Ahem, we all did….} But all things considered, just when it seemed like one of us was about to snap something funny would happen, we’d take off on a new adventure, or when all else fails a stop at the grocery store for some wine in a box to-go was just the ticket.

pop-its…the kids were like little seaguls…my turn! my turn! my turn!

before our $30 fireworks show…while it was still light out…

clearly it was a success

nope, it never got old…

It was the best.  There is nothing better than a family vacation.  I’m already planning for next summer and scheming ways for us to stay longer….maybe we’ll even sneak back one more time this summer…


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