Ten years ago at a crowded wedding reception we danced to Marvin Gaye’s I believe in miracles {You sexy thing.}  We didn’t have a song and somehow it became ours.

You claimed to be a shy dancer, but you slid across the dance floor to meet me on the other side.  The crowd loved it.

Somehow we always manage to meet in the middle.

And this life?  These last ten years?   This messy journey?  Each and every single moment is a miracle.

Three beautiful children?  Miracles, each one.

You’re stubborn.  I’m stubborn.  Yet we both know this is forever.  Forgiveness, a miracle.

We look hot.  That’s probably because it was.  100 degrees or so and the church didn’t have air conditioning.

Tonight we went out for a quick dinner.  We toasted, reminisced, welcomed others to our table and laughed.

We talked about ten years.

Today we celebrated love, grace and forgiveness. We celebrated what was before, when life together was new and all about us.  Just the two of us, striking out together in this great big world.  We talked about the goals we set out to reach and how almost each one has a check by its side.

We celebrated what is now, our three beautiful boys, our family and friends, this filled-to-the-brim joyful, messy and fun life.

And we celebrated what will be, the future that always seems far off, but will be here in a blink.

This life.  Together.

It is so good.


10 thoughts on “Ten.

  1. Happy Anniversary! I never sobbed so hard at a wedding as I did at yours. I was so happy for you. You’re a perfect pair!

  2. Happy Anniversary Friends!!! You truly are a perfect pair and we couldn’t be happier to call you our friends!! Curious — what’s next on the list?? We have one of those lists, too, and I love looking at it every year! oxoxo

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