Summer dinners

There is nothing better than eating a summer dinner outside.

We hold hands and say grace.

My heart melts every single time I see these small hands holding on tight.  It was time to finally snap a picture.

The food is simple.

Of course not everyone stays seated the entire meal.

There are swings to distract.

Bubbles to blow.

There are always diapers to be changed.

I both cherish and protect this family time.  We eat together almost every evening; discussing our days, plans for the future and the occasional knock-knock joke.  Sometimes we linger.  Most of the time we end up running in different directions.  There are dishes to be done, baths to be given.

But in the summer we linger.

I mentioned to Alex that we have very few pictures of me and the boys together and asked if he could snap a few over the summer.  This is the best so far…mom drinking wine at dinner…


6 thoughts on “Summer dinners

  1. his curls just kill me!!! So adorable!!! It will be nice to see some pics of Mom with those sweet, adorable boys!! I envy the cooler weather though…..SW GA is not very conducive to eating dinner outside. Unless of course, you don’t mind the gnats joining you for dinner! Or if you have a great, screened in porch!!

  2. I love your posts, I love the pictures but especially love the 6th picture You can see the bubble splashing in Henrys hand, and the expression on his face …adorable.

  3. Um, I have the same problem…no photos of Mom. If something happened to me, I don’t think they’d remember what I looked like after a while. It’s humorous, but to be honest, it makes me kind of sad. :(

    Loved this…especially the bubbles part. :)

  4. Mmmmm, missing those wonderful summer evenings in your neck of the woods… I do agree that Alex needs to step up the game on pictures of his beautiful wife together with your 3 little men — we have the same problem and it is sad actually.

    The bubbles make me laugh as whenever we have some, they seemed to get dumped by our W within a matter of minutes, which means the bubble-making fun is a thing of the past! ;-)

    William’s curls kill me!!! Where do they come from??? I looooove them (and him too ;-))!!!

  5. Love to see the boys holding hands while you pray – so sweet! Ainsley likes to request a 2nd prayer before we have dessert.

  6. Oh my goodness–I am STRUCK by how much my Thomas looks like your William!!!! I just had to show my husband, and he was in awe!

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