Painting on the back deck, 11:10 a.m Thursday morning

*Up-dated…apparently today is Wednesday and not Thursday.  I didn’t realize this until Alex pointed it out tonight.  Can you tell ourdayssometimesruntogether?*

After a long morning walk we found ourselves out back.  When the summer heat hits, our backyard and deck are cool and calm in the morning.

I watered my plants, weeded a bit and happily puttered around.  Charlie and William {Henry is at VBS this morning} played on the swings and *helped* me water.

Feeling bold I decided to break out some art.

Three surprising things happened.

1.  June ate a paintbrush and drank the watercolor water, which is to be expected.  However, so did William.  I wasn’t expecting that.

2.  June didn’t try to eat the boys.  This was an unexpected miracle.

3.  I was able to sit for at least 10.3 seconds and enjoy my coffee.

Ta-da!  That’s what art looks like around here.  Beautiful isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Painting on the back deck, 11:10 a.m Thursday morning

  1. How precious! I think we’re living parallel lives, LOL. My two littlest are the focus of my post today (very short, but still…) and your June looks like a young version of my Mitzi. William has the biggest eyes and I love Charlie’s hair :-) For the record, I got about 30 seconds to read a magazine the other day. Ah, the life.

  2. Don’t you just love when the stars align and the boys are happy and content and the dog obeys? Glad you got 10 seconds to drink a coffee!

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