My new favorite photo.

I almost didn’t recognize Henry, this grown-up looking boy.  Do you see his dimple?  Dashing, yet shy smile?  There are a million little details about this photo that perfectly capture our boy.  I love it.

Henry’s school held it’s annual Locally Grown fundraiser on Saturday.  It was a wonderful event, but the highlight for me was this unexpected treat, my boy captured in time.  Our favorite local photographer volunteered to take photos of all of the children during recess and each photo was available to purchase at the event.


I’m not sure which book it is, but one of the books we read to our boys has a quote about some *just being time with my mommy.*  That phrase has been bouncing around in my head the last few days.  Maybe because it’s the sort of week we’re having.  Plenty of *just being* time.  Time for walks, swinging, digging in the dirt, lunches, coffee dates, story-time, drawing with chalk on the driveway, reading of chapter books…my calendar has blissfully taken it easy on us this week.  Oh the realities of little ones {and a puppy} are still there – the laundry, meals, cleaning up after, searching for a missing shoe and such.  But without the drone of the outside world and other obligations, the realities of our day are almost charming.  There is a peace about our routine.  The rushing about is not missed.  And guess what?  That peace has settled into my voice, my interactions which my children and *sometimes* even the puppy.


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