Last weekend was a weekend unlike any other.  It was chalk full of celebrations. And boy do we love to celebrate around here.

Henry turned six.  My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.  My aunt celebrated her 60th birthday.  Add one little league game, church, Mother’s day, a family dinner here, a brunch there, and one more family dinner for good measure and you have one full weekend.

Of course I only took pictures of Henry’s birthday party.  Go figure.  The good news is that I took so many pictures you’re going to feel like you were there.  Really.

Yes, you read that right – this wasn’t just any ol’ party.  It was a cowboy, golf, baseball, duck-hunting and pinata party.  Who says you have to stick with one theme?  Not us!  We did however, stick with our tried and true birthday recipe:  invite family + godparents + bake cake + cupcakes and ice cream + simple decorations = a good time.  {Nope, Henry has yet to have a *friend* birthday party…and yes, I’m just fine with that…}

The decorations were simple.  Here’s proof: while vacuuming I literally picked up all of these balls tossed them in to a vase, add Henry’s baby cowboy boots and voila!  We’re fancy like that.

The pinata was a blast…

Charlie was less than thrilled the party cut into his nap time and would have nothing to do with the camera.  Thank goodness there were plenty of people to snuggle with.

June was there and loved all of the attention.

William was thrilled with all of the attention too…people to push him on the swing for hours!  Yes, his hair really is that crazy.  Isn’t he darling?

My cousin Matthew thoughtfully brought William a ginormous stuffed tiger.  This was only slightly traumatic for a little one who is just getting over his fear of stuffed animals.

Crowds don’t bother this one at all which is a good thing…we had over 35 guests celebrating with us at our ranch/clubhouse/duck blink/dugout/fiesta…

Opening up his WELLIES!  Just like Aaron’s!!  And dad too!

Hunting clothes, books, stomp rockets, golf clubs, baseball gear, camping supplies, the list went on and on.  It was truly amazing how each gift was such a perfect reflection of Henry.  There wasn’t a generic *themed* toy in the bunch.  Henry was truly pleased as punch with all of his new loot.  Thank you dear family and friends.

Charlie finally came out of his shell and settled on a round of golf with his new club…it’s perfect for him.

Whew.  What a party.  What a celebration.  We’re still recovering around here.

I love looking back at what a wonderful time we had.  We are beyond blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends who love and celebrate our Henry.


2 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. I have been trying to find striped straws like the ones in your pic forever! Where in the world did you find them? Oh, and Happy Birthday Henry! :)

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