Our Easter weekend was filled with lots of family {a new family member} and of course we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

We didn’t take one darn family picture.  Or a picture of just the boys.  Darn it.  Action shots it is.

Henry was thrilled to help dye eggs and mid process had to stop and test our product.  He loves hard-boiled eggs.  Clearly worried, my brother Andy teased me; Henry isn’t one of those nerdy kids who eats hard-boiled eggs for lunch is he?  Yes, yes he is.  And I love it.

Speaking of our darling oldest son, Henry chose to sit with us during the *big church* service instead of going to Sunday school.  He sat quietly the whole time and when we were walking out he loudly announced, Well, that wasn’t too boring!  I love him.

Rocket balloons were a hit with all of the boys….

….spending time with cousin Anna…

Honestly, even after a perfectly lovely weekend I was left feeling a bit empty.  Seems I’m hanging around the empty tomb mourning instead of sharing the joyful good news; He is risen!   Choosing to be cynical about the extra fluff in our celebrations and bringing my own baggage to the party.  And no, it isn’t all about the eggs or the bunny, or my own short comings and worries, but they seem to easily hog the spotlight don’t they?  Yet we are created to celebrate; to gather together in celebration, to live this life, giving all thanks and glory to Him.  And if that happens to include an egg hunt and a few fun surprises on Easter morning than so be it.


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