There are no dull moments around here.

Exhibit A:

This is what Henry wore while playing outside today.  He took his goggles off before I was able to snap a photo.  I was totally sold down the river at Costco; somehow we ended up with two life jackets and three pairs of swimming goggles.  In April.  We don’t own a boat.  We have three children.  And it’s only 55 degrees outside.

Exhibit B:

Henry has his own lawn mower.  Yes it’s real and the blades are sharp, but our sweet boy thinks he’s hit the jackpot.  So does Alex because at this point Henry mows our lawn at least twice a day.  And I quote from our hard-working son:  Mom, we are so lucky to have so much yard work to do!

Exhibit C:

Skipping a nap-time run to around the neighborhood and play with your big-brother.

To further keep me on my toes, there’s the endless stream of questions Henry asks all day long.  

Mom, what happens when we die? 

Mom, if our soul goes to Heaven what happens to our body?

Mom, what if you don’t believe in Heaven?  What happens to your soul then?

Mom, why does *so and so from school* have two moms and not a dad?

Mom, how many times can you get married?

Mom, when are you going to get a real job?  You know, the kind where you go to an office…

These are only a few of the questions Henry asked me this morning.  My boy is no-doubt inquisitive by nature, but his questions have taken a giant leap from simple to the very complex.

I can’t believe he is going to be six years old next month.

I’m also a bit worried about the questions he is going to have for me when he is sixteen


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