To the point.

My dad mentioned that my last post was a bit like riding a roller coaster.  He might have even used the word whiplash.  Apparently a sweet little post about Henry playing baseball took a quick turn into a discussion about Down syndrome and how God doesn’t make mistakes.

I’m sorry if you experienced any whiplash yourself.  However, as I explained to him the post flowed perfectly in my mind and was {is} a pretty accurate reflection of my daily thought process.  All over the place.

That said, I’m going to try to focus today and keep things simple.  We’ll see how things go….

Last night Alex and I returned from a four-day, three night vacation/work conference in San Fransisco.  We’re starting to get the routine down and I’ve become a fan of these trips.  Typically Alex has meetings for most of the mornings, leaving me with time to sleep in, take a long leisurely walk and get ready for the day all by myself. 

At this point I should also give a shout out to my kindle.  I love it.  I left my laptop at home and read three books while we were gone.  I’m a quick reader, but I should also point out another lesser-known benefit of the kindle…people don’t know what you are reading…you may look like a smarty-pants with your e-reader, but in reality you’re reading one mindless novel each day.  Hypothetically speaking of course. 

Each afternoon we would head off in search of a lunch spot and literally spend hours walking around the city.  And let me tell you, walking around San Francisco is not for the faint of heart, but walking is our favorite way to explore a city.  Sure I might catch myself grumbling from time to time…like when Alex suggested we walk from the Alcatraz ferry back to our hotel on Nob Hill…but we also think we’re pretty darn funny and challenge each other along the way, like who can walk backwards up the steepest city block…

Our only big tourist-y stop was the boat ride and tour of Alcatraz.  I’m glad we did it, but you only need to do once…and honestly I found it pretty darn creepy…

I’m the kind of tourist who avoids tour buses and would rather spend her time finding quaint little cafes, walking through old churches, local shops and tosses in a visit to Nordstrom for good measure.

We always get a kick out of China town…

There were so many beautiful churches, my favorite was Grace cathedral.  We’re not Catholic, but I always light a candle and say a prayer in every Catholic church we visit, I think it’s a beautiful tradition.

I also love to see where and how people live.  I especially find big city living fascinating…we live in a small town, drive everywhere and can send our kids out to play any time of the day.  Living in the city everything seems like it would be more complex; from grocery shopping, gardening to finding a place for your kids to play.  Great, I totally sound like an old lady.

I also like to *pick* my house…this one was my fave…

We were spoiled on this trip, with fantastic accommodations, wonderful food and a surprise guest for the evening.  After dinner on Saturday, we had the pleasure of listening to Tony Bennett sing to our group of about 200 people for a little over an hour.  I’ll give it to the guy he has a great voice and at 85 {84?} you can tell that he still loves what he’s doing.

A killer iPhone photo taken in the dark…see Mr. Bennet up on the stage?  You’ll just have to take my word for it…

Whew.  I did it.  One topic, straight to the point, no roller coaster rides…


4 thoughts on “To the point.

  1. Libby, i had a chuckle when you mentioned your thoughts being all over the place.
    I often find that my thoughts make logical sense to me at the time, but then when someone re-phrases something i realise that quite often i go off topic, but they all inter-relate for me :)

    Glad you had a nice trip

    I’m planning on visitng the US in August for a friends wedding and was considering San Francisco as a stop but wasn’t sure, i’m now definitely sure that i’ll stop in San Francisco. May be hard with 2 kids, but i may never get the chance again, so i guess i’ll just have to make the most of it while i can :)

    Thank You
    I always look forward to your posts


  2. I like your overview of SF. I moved to SF 8 months ago. I grew up in a small town and thought I would like to live in a big city. It was a big adjustment and it is complex when you have to decide how much you can carry, how long public transit is going to take, and what to wear with the ever changing weather. I get in a lot of walking, which is a great way to get your excercise. I’m glad you had a nice trip.

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