One last hurrah.

As spring break came to a close we headed to the mountains for one last hurrah in the snow.  Aunt Corey, Uncle Andy, Siena, Mason, Poppy and Birdie all joined us, filling up the condo with lots of laughter and fun.  I think everyone hit the slopes at least once {minus William} or headed out for some sort of excursion {even if it was just a quick jaunt to the mini-mart…}

Charlie strapped on his skis again and during his *three* big runs down the bunny hill you could hear giggles as he glided down the hill {with mom holding on tight}…

Don’t you just love hand-me-downs?  Henry wore every single thing pictured here and William will too…I love that.

Yeah, we let our kids play in a parking-lot pile o’ snow.  They loved it.

Bless his heart, I just know that Alex is going to figure out the camera soon…

My sweet baby boy is just too cute for words…oh how he makes me smile!

I can just hear Henry exclaiming safety bar! in this picture…

The next day we received a blanket of fresh snow and sunshine.

Chilling in footie jammies watching cartoons…the best!

And I wonder why my body feels wonky all the time…not the best photo {and what’s up with the flash…I’m not a flashy person…} but check out how I toted these two kiddos all around kingdom come and back…

Is it me, or is my oldest baby boy becoming a handsome little boy?

We had a blast.  Though needless to say our boys {and their parents!} are still exhausted from all of the fun with their cousins.  Here’s to a week of getting back into our *routine* or whatever that may mean…


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