Spring Break.

We went into this week with few set plans.  I hadn’t scheduled anything *memorable* for our spring break but looking over a handful of photos, I realize we’ve made many memories.  We always do.  And for a mom who often needs to step back to see the blessings, these photos – this proof – is a good and beautiful thing.

This week has been a treat.  Spending unhurried time with my boys, seeing where the day takes us.  Sure, we’ve had our moments.  I’d forgotten how *fun* it is to go grocery shopping with all three boys.  We’ve had two trips to the doctor’s office {one more tomorrow} and the pharmacist now knows me by name.  Yet we’ve had fun.

We’ve enjoyed trips to the park, picnics, driveway tennis, family art shows, dance parties, backyard play, lunch with Aunt Diana and Nana, checkers with great-grandma, a birthday celebration for Nana, skipping nap time to watch a movie with big brother, celebrating that it’s *official*, …and it’s just Wednesday…

By now you might be noticing a trend…yes, William always has a bib on…he has what you might call a bit of a drooling problem…

Look at who has a place at his big brother’s school…now it’s time for some serious potty training…

This scene never gets old.  They go outside together, Henry helps Charlie into the swing and continues to push him…

No, this week can’t even begin to compare to last week when both Uncle Andy and Uncle Jimmy were home visiting…but we’ll happily take it.

I like a good and obvious reminder don’t you?  *smile*

Looking forward to the second half of our *break*…


4 thoughts on “Spring Break.

  1. Love seeing the boys playing together outside – how sweet! And good luck on the potty training. I know Charlie can do it!

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