He wants to be just like his daddy.  Not when he grows up, now.

Wondering what he’s doing?

Duck hunting.  In our front yard.

He made his own *blind* and sat patiently waiting for ducks to fly by.  Notice the *waders*, the binoculars, the camo hat and gun?

I wonder what our neighbors must think.

He is smart, tough, compassionate, empathetic and loving.  He is a wonderful big brother.

I love that he still loves to snuggle, asking for his *mommy hug* everyday.  Yet he is growing-up, learning how to read and write.  Giving presentations at school.  {Oh Canada…}  Discussing things like college…should I be a Husky or a Bulldog?

He is funny.

While driving home from school:

Henry:  Mom, can you catch a headache?

Me:  No, they aren’t contagious.

Henry:  But you can catch a cold or the flu right?

Me:  Yes.

Henry:  I hope I never catch a vegetarian cold.  Or a vegetarian flu.  That would be the worst!  I love eating meat way too much.

Boy oh boy, he is most certainly a hungry and growing little guy.  Here’s an *average* day:

Breakfast:  granola mixed with yogurt and blueberries.  Whole wheat toast with almond butter and a glass of orange juice.

Morning snack at school:  Apple slices, cheese and crackers

Lunch:  Half of a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread.  Cucumber slices, carrot sticks, a clementine orange and a chocolate chip cookie.  Water to drink.

Afternoon snack:  Four strawberries, crackers, cheese and a glass of juice.

Dinner:  Pasta salad {with celery, sweet peas, red onion, parsley and tuna}, slice of bread, a handful of red grapes and 1/4 of an avocado on the side.  He ate three helpings of pasta salad and washed it all down with a glass of milk.

Nighttime snack.  A whole banana and a string cheese.

Sweet boy is five, yet everything he eats is an adult-sized portion.  I can’t begin to imagine the amount of food he will consume when he is 15…

Oh Henry, you are a wonder!


5 thoughts on “Henry

  1. Libby,

    Got my book yesterday and I’m already diving right in! We did McDonald’s Bible study ‘Downpour’ a couple of years ago at my school. I’m really looking forward to reading this and I think it will good for my hubby, too! Thanks so much!!

  2. Love it! Especially the duck hunting in the front yard, and the vegetarian flu. Thanks – it was the smile I needed tonight! :-)

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