Justice, Phad Thai and Home.

Meet *Justice Beaver.*

{Nickname courtesy of The Office.}  Charlie is in serious need of a haircut, but there seems to be some sort of long-line conspiracy at Supercuts.  I’m one step away from trimming it up myself.

Since we couldn’t get a haircut we opted to do some yoga.  Obviously.  We gave P90X yoga a try, apparently we’ve had the DVD for two years. The boys got a kick out of all the poses.

Especially Charlie.

Can you imagine that sort of flexibility?  I can’t touch my toes.

Over the weekend my parents and Alex and I hosted a dinner for eight that had been purchased at our local YMCA fundraising auction.  We decided to shake things up a bit and made homemade phad Thai for dinner.  It’s become a Christmastime tradition that Alex’s dad started and he has since taught Alex the tips and tricks of this amazing meal.

We happily let Alex take on the role of chef for the evening {and the entire day and evening before} chopping, marinating and prepping all of the food.  Don’t let those Thai restaurants fool you – this is a time intensive dish that requires way more work than you might think – I’ve never looked at take-out the same.  As the head chef Alex was a stickler for details, wiping the edges of plates before we served the food, garnishing the food *just so*, adding mint sprigs to the desert.  His waitstaff, I might add was also quite impressive.

We started with a salad of cucumbers and red onion dressed with rice vinegar and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Dinner was phad Thai, with a skewer of marinated chicken and then served with a spicy peanut coconut sauce.  I didn’t get a picture of the chicken because I was too busy eating it.  It’s my favorite part of the meal, especially when smothered in the *healthy* spicy peanut/coconut sauce.  Yummy.

Dessert was raspberry and lemon sorbet with homemade shortbread cookies.

Didn’t my mom set a beautiful table?  We borrowed my grandmama’s china which fit the occasion perfectly.  It still looked beautiful at the end of the evening.  Unfortunately the coffee pot and dishwasher didn’t fair quite as well.

In other news, the boys have been busy testing the strength and stability of our house.

Oh they have fun together!  Especially during their post-bath and before bed push-cart races.  They laugh and giggle the entire time.

But in all seriousness there are some days when I’m not sure if our house will withstand the energy, play and *love* it is shown.  Yes, we are beyond blessed to have a home to shelter and grow our little family, but wow.  Let’s just say that three little boys under the age of five leave their mark.  And while I’ve taught myself to love the scratched floor, the well-worn kitchen table, the chipped window sills and sticky drawers, I’m a neat and tidy sort of gal.

This weekend, I started to sort through some of the kids toys; tossing some, goodwill to others, and storing a few favorites.  I had to stop myself because I was tempted to toss a good majority.  Let’s be honest, they don’t need half of their toys anyway, and frankly, I’m tired of stepping on and cleaning them up.

There I said it.  I sound like a terrible mother.  I almost threw out my kid’s toys.  But I didn’t.  Their toys are safely sorted and put away.  For now.  As in this very second.  The kids are napping.

I don’t want to be the mother who is worried about the mess.  I want to say *Yes!*  To remember that a home is more about the love and joy that happens within these walls.  It’s not about the state off my walls.  {Thank goodness!}

Learning to let loose is good for me.


One thought on “Justice, Phad Thai and Home.

  1. The dinner looks beautiful….but it’s missing my almond cookies. Next time, hit me up. (Unless you like the shortbread better – in that case send me the recipe.)

    You can try to embrace the mess all you want, but I think you could also just use Montessori philosophy to slim down your toy options and put things in their place. That might be a better fit with your nature – and no guilt!

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