A really big deal.

We spent the long weekend at White Pass skiing with friends.

There were plenty of firsts.

::  Henry skied everywhere and fast.  There were times when I could barely keep up with him on the slopes.  He also clocked in four days straight on the hill.

::  Alex and I skied together.  Just the two of us, for an entire afternoon.  This may not have been an official *first* but it was the first time its happened in a long time.

::  Charlie and William discovered sledding.  They loved it.  Especially Charlie.  I think he’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

But the really big first?

Look who went skiing…


And we think its a really big deal.

Getting all geared up.

Henry was proud to be passing down all of his old ski gear; his helmet, boots, skis, coat pants, mittens…

{Everything looks orange!}

{Signing *help* while putting on his skis}

Henry and I cheered from the sidelines as Alex and Charlie took to the slopes.

Isn’t he the cutest thing you have ever seen?

I obviously couldn’t get enough.

See the big smile on his face?

This was a really big deal for many reasons besides the *obvious* reason.  For one thing, Charlie has always hated the cold.  To him cold weather = misery.  But with the right gear, our little guy was ready to give some winter sports a try.  Initially we weren’t sure if Charlie would be strong enough to handle the skis {because of his low muscle tone} but he seemed to handle the bulky and heavy boots and skis like any other young skier.  We were also realistic about our expectations.  We want skiing to be a fun thing for Charlie but also know that he might tire easily, get cold quickly, etc.  That said, we made a big stinkin’ deal during his maybe 30 minutes total on the mountain and called it a success.

He also let us know when he was finished.  And we listened.

We’re pretty darn proud of our little guy.


14 thoughts on “A really big deal.

  1. How exciting to see Charlie skiing!! That’s so exciting to see Henry proud to pass down his gear, too. What a good big brother. :) I hope that he enjoys it & asks to go back again soon.

  2. That rocks! Way to go Henry and Charlie…and mom and dad for not being afraid to put Charlie on skis! I love the last photo, too cute.

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