Lovely and Loved

What?!  A tractor doesn’t scream *love* to you?  Welcome to my world where all my boys love their tractors.

We had a funny weekend.  Funny as in good.

Alex brought me home flowers which he did sheepishly because I always tell him don’t waste money on flowers.  {Unless they happen to be tulips, then waste away.}  He even put them into water.  {Note the tulips I had already purchased for myself…}

Not to sound ungrateful – because anytime my love does something sweet for me I’m grateful – but truthfully I wasn’t.  Why do I do this?  We promised each other we weren’t going to do anything for Valentine’s day and yet in my silly little mind I’m dreaming of new shoes and for some reason he doesn’t read my mind.  It should be noted I’m not much of a romantic either, though his Hallmark card was pretty special.  The good news is he loves me and I love him.

We kept things low-key all weekend not making any *real* plans.  Which is perfect if you ask me.

We kicked things off with margaritas and chocolate cake which is a pretty good start.

Saturday we took a family drive out into the country.  We play pretend until we have our own farm.

We love family drives.

Alex showed us some of his favorite hunting spots.

There were hop fields, pastures, vineyards, orchards, cool-looking old buildings and tumbleweeds galore.

We stopped at our favorite little farm for fresh eggs, met some friendly pigs and said hello to the cows.

Henry: Mom, are these the cows we eat?

I explained the whole process of *field to freezer* and I did it honestly because he is the type of kid who does best with the straight facts.  And that yes, one of those friendly cows could end up in our freezer.


Me:  Henry what did you learn about in Sunday school?

Henry:  Oh, you know, Jesus and another one of his miracles.

Valentine’s day.

Me {a.k.a. *super creative mom*}:  Henry was there anything different about your lunch today?

Henry:  No.

Me: Are you sure?

Henry:  Oh yeah, my sandwich was in the shape of a heart.  Mom, why did you make my sandwich a heart?

Me: It’s Valentine’s day and I thought it would be funny.

Henry. It wasn’t.



Henry:  Mom why are you making heart-shaped pancakes?  And are they pink?!

Me: Yes!  I thought it would be fun to have pink heart-shaped pancakes for dinner.

Henry: Why?

Me: It’s Valentine’s day silly!

Later when Alex is home, with Thai food for the adults…bless his heart…

Henry:  Dad, mom made pink heart-shaped pancakes.  I have no idea why she just didn’t make the regular kind…

Side note:  I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the pancakes.  Not something I would recommend.  Darn things get hot and flipping the cakes became a risky business…any suggestions for making shaped pancakes?

Maybe it’s time for *super creative mom* to give it a rest?

Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely! 


5 thoughts on “Lovely and Loved

  1. I just drizzle pancake batter slowly from a spoon starting in the middle first and working it into a heart shape..kinda. I usually add Choc chips in a heart shape on top of the pancake when its all done.
    My Dad used to do big goofy happy faces. He would spoon in first, the smile, nose and eyes and once they started to cook a little he would add the rest of the pancake batter around it. When he flipped the pancake over you could see the smiley face easily because it had cooked a bit longer.
    Missing my Daddy as I write this memory…he just passed away 2 weeks ago at age 88. And my Mom went to Heaven 2 months before Dad. 65 years of marriage…and we 5 kids have great memories.

  2. Love it! And in total agreement on tulips. Tip on using cookie cutters for pancakes. Spray the ENTIRE thing with cooking spray and set in the pan to heat up for a few minutes. Then slowly pour the batter in. Let batter set until almost firm on top – much longer than you’d wait to flip normally. Gently pull straight up on cutter using tongs, not fingers, and flip. Voila! :)

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