Groundhog Day, Art Crafts and Why I’m Technologically Challenged

I noticed that my pictures are starting to look the same.  {Oh look, the boys playing on the driveway.  Again.}  I’m taking new pictures, but let’s face it, life with little ones can quickly feel like groundhog day.  As in we do the same things, at the same time, every single day.  Not that this is a bad thing, I realize that repetition and routine are important for children, but mom occasionally wants to shake things up a bit.

That’s where Art Crafts come in handy.  {That’s what Henry calls arts and crafts.}  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner {again, I’m not a big fan…perhaps my beef with Halloween and Valentine’s Day is that they feel too *commercial.*}

Not one to give up easily –  even though I have no idea what I’m doing – I broke out the paints, papers and brushes again.  This time I had a plan.

We used these paints, which I don’t recommend.

They are great when working on a canvas, but for paper they are overkill.  And they aren’t washable.  We used a plain old piece of paper, which again I wouldn’t recommend.  Try something thicker – cardstock.


Crafty aren’t we? {They’re hearts, but you knew that right?}

Henry wasn’t impressed.  Mom, since that didn’t work, can you show me how to cut out a heart?  You do know how to cut out a heart don’t you? For the real directions go here.

Does William’s hair look red?  I thought so.

Charlie had his Valentine party at school today.  They had ice cream with red sprinkles for a snack and then exchanged Valentines.  Be still my heart.

I carefully scoured Target for some simple cards for Henry and Charlie to hand out and came up empty-handed.  You see, I’m that lame mom who stubbornly refuses to buy the themed cards…I know, I know… Anyhow, one quick search on etsy and I had a printable sheet of Valentines for both boys to use.  And since it officially costs more to buy replacement ink for our printer than it does to buy a brand new printer {think about that for a minute} I sent them to a local copy shop to be printed.  Alex thinks they look dorky but I love them.  Of course Charlie came home with themed cards and lots of treats.  So yes, our simple cards without any treats will most definitely put my children at the top of the nerd list.  They can thank their mom later.

Even though it is chilly outside we finally have sunshine which I swear calls my name aloud, begging us to get outside.  Winter makes me stir-crazy.

So we walk, soaking in the fresh air and glorious sun.

We are rediscovering our backyard.  And I try to ignore all of the patches of yard that are also calling my name.  Please rake up these leaves! I even heard this part of the garden screaming for help! With three boys it doesn’t stand a chance.  Boys simply must dig and play in the mud.

It’s official.  I’m completely technologically un-savvy.  Need proof?  Come to find out I accidentally joined Facebook.   They tricked me…OK let me back up…So I had this great idea to start a Blessings and Glory Facebook page. I thought it would be a great way to share our blog and further connect with the Down syndrome community. So I set up a page.  Go check it out.  You can *like* it.  I was feeling cool, and then Alex called to tell me that I had a personal Facebook page.  What?! And this is where my logic might only make sense to me…I’m super excited to have a Blessings and Glory page, but didn’t want to be connected to it personally {which I am since the page needed an administrator.}  Yes, I realize that I write this blog for the entire world to read, but I have this funny thing about connecting my personal life via Facebook with my blog.  I’m an odd duck I tell you.   Sending my kids to school with non-themed Valentines, doing one sad craft project after another, and being totally cool with sharing my life with all of the internet…just not Facebook.

Anyhow.  The Blessings and Glory page is up which I am thrilled about.

Isn’t all of this funny?  Blogs, Facebook, the whole bit.  Don’t get me wrong I love all of the people I have met via this blog and others, but I also am guilty of spending way too much time click, click, clicking around, playing looky-loo at other blogs.  And you know what?  It’s starting to get to me.  I’m not a super-fixer-upper gal, and can’t build a house with one can of spray paint, a toothpick and a piece of string.  I can’t sew, you’ve seen my crafts and let’s be honest I wear six year-old clogs.  It can be depressing to glimpse into someone else’s seemingly perfect life.  And I’m cynical and judgemental and all of those things I’m not supposed to be.  I’ll look at a blog, you know – the one with the brand new house, where the mom speaks proudly of her love for the Lord and homeschools her perfect children while they all run around wearing their I love Jesus! t-shirts.  Well of course you love Jesus, I think to myself.  Who wouldn’t in that beautiful house?

What about the rest of us?  The ones who love Jesus, but sometimes swear like a sailor, gossip, let their kids eat raw cookie dough and don’t have a crafty bone in their body?  Is there a space for us in the internet?  I hope so.  I hope this space, this blog feels real.  Needless to say, I’ve edited down my ever-growing list of click, click, click and now use a google reader.  I quickly read the blogs that I can relate too and that stretch and encourage me in a matter of minutes.  I love it.

Speaking of things I love, I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends who know me so well.  This week I was surprised by two dear friends with gifts – a new pair of shoes!  Sandals that are going to be just perfect come springtime.  And Jaclyn knew that I had been coveting this camera strap for a while and brought it over last night.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Thank you friends.

Do you have any special weekend plans with the loves of your life?  Ours include dinner with friends, some projects around the house and lots of family time.  Perfect.

William’s current love?  His baawoon!


5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day, Art Crafts and Why I’m Technologically Challenged

  1. I love this post Libby, its perfect~ and you have my favorite blog. I look to you for the real and unfiltered, for beautiful pictures of your Charlie and other boys.

    Plenty of room for you, and hopefully I can squeeze next to you somewhere in that corner of the internet, because believe you me, my 3 year old had Box Mac N Cheese for three days straight, We wear AC/DC shirts and I live in my parents “re-done up like a townhouse” Garage until we can afford a house someday here in the expensive part of NY. It’s all good. God who sees all also sees through the screen into our hearts..

    Rock on my friend. Love from the Ski’s

  2. I love your blog, it’s my favorite too. I have seen a few others, but I just don’t have a connection to them. Yours is done very well, and most importantly, it is so REAL. And, by the way, I am sooo happy to hear I’m not the only mom that lets her kids eat raw cookie dough!! (I love it too).

  3. I just “liked” your FB page :) I’m on FB because seriously it is one of hte few times I can connect with friends. Sad, but I rarely have time to just pick up the phone and catch up. I love your blog too, one of my favorites…and although I for sure feel the “realness of your blog” your beautiful boys are always dressed so cute (somedays we don’t get out of PJs, here LOL) and you look fantastic after three boys (I’m sitting here five 1/2 months prego feeling huge!)

  4. I love your blog. Your photos and your honesty. Blogs (reading other people’s) takes way to much of my time, and I’m thinning things out. Google Reader is great, I am unable to live without it, and yet I still read too many blogs. I’m on FB, but don’t use it much…I’m too busy reading blogs, I guess. :)

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