Because I love cardigans.

Because he’s a tough guy…

…who isn’t afraid to show his true feelings in the carwash.

Because I might have uttered the words Mom, I have to go!  I think William is eating super glue!! And he was.

Because Henry has the flu.  As in Oops, did we forget to get that darn flu shot? kind of flu

Because I dressed them like twins and didn’t even realize it.

Until I looked in the mirror. {old photo, same shirt….makes me realize I need to get a haircut…}

My two peas in a pod.

Because I love how he loves his boys.


This is love.


6 thoughts on “Because

  1. Oooooh I love your boys:) And I wish my hair looked that good when I thought I needed a haircut- you are gorgeous! Hugs to Henry, I hope he feels better soon, no fun.

  2. Chris…I recently had to sit down and have a talk with Charlie about standing up for himself. He’s really taken that talk to heart!

  3. You guys are too sweet – that is an old photo that I used because it was the shirt I was talking about…as for my hair, well let’s just say that I won’t be posting many pics of me soon….

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