Happy New Year, but first Merry Christmas.

Soon to be known as the post with the most pictures…

Is it too late to send New Year wishes?  Too late to turn back the clock and remember the goodness and wonder that was Christmas?  I certainly hope not.  Today it feels as though we are emerging back into the real world because our little family of five spent over eleven days in a row together.  No school, no work, just together.  Eight of those days were truly vacation days {thank you nana and pop-pop!}, the other three were quiet catch-up days at home.  It was just what this weary mom needed.

And while it might seem ironic that one of my New Year’s goals is to be intentional with each day – as in doing each day’s work that very same day – I can’t move forward without sharing our wonderful Christmas season.  So yes, even though it’s January 3, 2011 we’re going to rewind back to December 2010.

This was only the second time I have been away from”home” {aka my parents house} for Christmas.  It was both strange and wonderful.  We all commented about how it didn’t feel like Christmas, but yet it did, and for all of the right reasons.  It was an entire week of reflection, celebration, relaxation and refreshment.  No rushing about from house to house, just plenty of time catching up with family.

We started out our vacation with a ten-hour road trip to Sun Valley.  In a snow storm.  With our suburban and rocket box filled to the brim.  Singing Christmas carols.  Fun times.  Really.

The boys were amazing.  We would hit a rest stop every three hours or so {indian casinos are the best…clean restrooms and a little bit of everything…I’m doing all of my Christmas shopping there next year…}  My dad even found a book that he is going to give to Alex next year: Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People. My family is so funny, one meltdown and all of the sudden I’m crazy.  No really, we just tease out of love, but we also love to tease.

I learned a few things during our twenty hours in the car.  DVD players in the car; while I may still consider them a necessary evil, I feel the need to emphasize the necessary on long road trips.  I also now have Toy Story 3 memorized.  Rice cakes.  Very messy yes, but they took the little boys almost 20 minutes to eat.  Low calories, no dairy and 20 minutes of quiet = one happy mama.

Finally we were there.

It was AMAZING.  Henry was in his element.  Our five year-old skied four days and inner-tubed two.  Add in some time with his Uncles, and endless projects with Pop-pop and he was in heaven.

So was his mom.  I skied with my little boy on all of the grown-up runs, rode the chair and gondola with him, ate lunch on the mountain…where did my baby go?  I was so proud of him.

Even though we were away from home we had to have a tree.  It was the last tree in the lot.

Yes, I made them tie it to the top of the car.

We skied.  Last year was the first year in 25 years that I hadn’t skied. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.  Thank you, thank you, mom for watching the boys so I could ski two days.

One afternoon I skied with my two brothers and God-parents Jim and Anne.  I was exhausted keeping up with them.  But I did it.  Just barely.

On Christmas Eve we tried to catch the Nutcracker on ice, but unfortunately the little boys weren’t big fans of the icy cold weather, so after watching the Zamboni do its job we hit the road.  Next time…

Christmas day.

I love this…William high-tailed it upstairs and ran by all of the gifts and straight to his high-chair.  Who cares about presents when you’re hungry?

But he did love his new tractor…

…don’t blink, you might miss the tree…

It worked keeping things simple.  Funny how we didn’t miss the gobs of presents.  There is something to be said about just spending time together.  Doing things together.  Grocery shopping and cooking together.  Walking through town.  Playing Uno. Drinking lots of coffee and wine.

Who is that stranger walking with us?  Why that’s Alex.  In his new rubber boots and cowboy hat.

He wore them everywhere.

Heading back home…

The end.

{I’m pretty sure that almost all of these photos were taken with my iphone.  I either couldn’t find or didn’t have my real camera with  me.  I’d say that my little phone did pretty well...}


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year, but first Merry Christmas.

  1. Oh my!! The winter pics are awesome!! I miss going to Sun Valley/Ketchum. We lived in Twin Falls, ID for 2 years and on a clear day, you could see the mtns in Sun Valley from our road!! It’s so pretty there!! Just driving thru town is fun!! Glad you all had a relaxing Christmas break!!

  2. Oh Libby! I was hoping for Christmas pictures! I LOVE your boys! I’m so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! The Charlie Brown Christmas tree was so cute! Hahahaha making them tie it onto the truck! I have to say, your “little iPhone” did a great job with the photos! I’d never have thought they weren’t with a regular camera! I still think one my very favorite posts you’ve ever written was your ode to your old phone…had me in stitches. Happy New Year, friend from far away! Kisses to the boys! Love, Tracy

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