A winter day.

A perfect winter day.

The {unexpected} snow fell all day covering our little bit of earth in a blanket of white.  Big white fluffy flakes.  They are the best you know.

In the morning I snuggled with my babies, read stories and cried.  Part of me feels like an unlikely character for this story.  Yet I know that He has chosen me.  Of all the different paths, this is not the life story I imagined.  But he has put this weight on my heart.  It is not a burden to carry, but an honor.  A blessing.  I cried tears of joy, hope and love.

Together we have raised $1,365 for sweet Eric.  Thank you seems inadequate, but I’ll say it anyway: thank you.

You have become a part of our story.  Together, we will walk this journey.  I have no idea where it will take us.  But He does.  This does not mean we are finished.  The $1000 goal has been met, but I know we can still do great things.

Saving myself from more tears I started baking Christmas cookies with my helpers by my side.  I had a lofty goal of baking three different kinds – ginger snaps, chocolate peanut butter balls and pecan snowballs.

This little helper discovered frozen blueberries.  Yum?!

And this little helper has apparently been brainwashed by his mother.  He is convinced that you must have one hand on top of the mixer when its running.  I’ve since paid attention to myself when baking, and yes, my hand rests on top of the darn mixer every single time.  Hope that’s the only strange habit he picks up from me….

Five hours and six dozen ginger snaps later I finally started cleaning up.  We’ll tackle the other cookies later this week.

While the little boys napped Henry and I played in the snow.  And I mean played. All of my mom excuses were tossed aside.  I had on snow pants, a ski coat, gloves and a hat.  We made snow angels.  Henry declared that my snow angel is probably the biggest snow angel I have ever seen! That most certainly means I don’t make enough snow angels.  I plan on making more.

The cold winter air was both healing and rejuvenating.  Perhaps I’ve spent too much time indoors inhaling “pine-scented” products?

We made a snowman.

He was darn cute but only lasted one day as the sun has been out in full force.  A snowman’s greatest fear.  That and losing your hat.  We can’t find his stocking cap.  Wind?  Cat?  Scrooge?

After playing Henry and I gave shoveling our best shot, but the wet heavy snow was too big a match even for him.  {I was already inside making hot chocolate.}

Alex spent the day goose hunting and after learning what “goose hunting” really means I’m sold.  No birds came home, but my dear husband laid down in a hunting blind for almost 10 hours!  He did mention something about freezing rain, but all I heard was the you get to lay down all by yourself for 10 hours part.  Sign me up.  Hunting might not be so bad after all.

We bundled up the babies and gathered with friends.  We tried to see Santa but he cancelled on account of the snow – try explaining that to your children.  Mom what if it snows on Christmas!  Will Santa still come? A simple night of pizza and wine, sleepy babies, a fire and laughter.

The perfect winter day.


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