Behold, children are a gift of the Lord… Psalm 127:3

They are greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

Each one perfectly selected by Him.

Entrusted to us.  By Him.  What a gift.  A joy.  A responsibility.  One that I don’t take lightly.

Today we received our Angel Tree Christmas Ornament with a picture of Eric.  Henry commented how nice it was that Eric sent a picture of himself to us.  And really mom, we should make an ornament and send it to him. We really should.

We all gathered and watched while Henry put the ornament on the tree.  We held hands and prayed for Eric.  We thanked the Lord for our family.  For the gift of our children.  Of course I cried.  This moment, this is how I want our children to remember our Christmas celebrations.  Together, joined in prayer, giving thanks, and focusing on others. It takes practice, taking the focus off of ourselves.  It stretches our souls.

Each year I dutifully send out Christmas cards, decorate the house, shop for gifts, bake up a storm and typically throw in one major craft project for good measure.  I do all of this while vacillating between joy and dread.

{Note:  this year’s craft project.  300 coffee filters glued to a wreath.  Pure craziness I tell ya.}

This Christmas season has felt distinctly different.  I want nothing to do with the fake.  The false feelings of joy that come with new and shiny things.  Forced merriment.

While listening to the radio I heard a wonderful reflection.  That perhaps our longing, our need, for things – particularly material possessions – is a reflection of our self-worth.  Using things to fill a void that only He can fill.  Please know that I’m holding a mirror to myself as I’m writing.

I walk a thin line.  Balancing between lust and disgust.  Lusting after treasures on earth.  Disgusted at all that we have when others literally have nothing.

I think about Him all the time.  When I’m washing the dishes, doing, laundry, getting my kids dressed, making dinner, wrapping presents.

My soul is ready.

During this season, I’m starting fresh.  Thankfully His grace allows me to do this each and every day.  We’re including many of the same traditions in our Christmas celebrations, but I’m celebrating with a renewed heart and spirit.  Yes, I’ll be stretched.  I’ll be humbled.  But my focus will be on Him.  And by His grace alone, He will fill me up, and use me to pour out His love and grace to others this Christmas season.

I’m ready.


Thank you, thank you, to those who have given so generously to Eric this Christmas.  We believe that every child is a gift from God, and believe that this is such a wonderful way for us to show the world our love.  To show the value of each and every life.

If you make a donation over $35 you will receive an ornament with Eric’s picture for your Christmas tree.  It is a wonderful way to remember Eric while you celebrate the season.  There is still plenty of time to make a donation {click here}.  {Then click on the “chip-in” button and it will take you to the Reece’s Rainbow paypal page – it’s very simple.}  Reece’s Rainbow will be collecting donations for each orphan through the end of December, however if you would like your own ornament you need to make your donation before December 15th.  Our entire family thanks you for your donations and support of Eric and covet your prayers for our sweet angel.


4 thoughts on “Ready

  1. Could not get through this post without crying. I have Miss Olga hanging on my tree this year. She got the prime ornament hanging spot. I was alone when the ornament came in, and had the honor of placing her on my tree. Then I sat and sobbed.
    This year we also were blessed with having almost everything taken from us. We are penniless this Christmas, and i have never felt the Christmas spirit more. I know this sounds insane, but i’m glad to struggle and have almost nothing. I’ve never been stronger in my faith and trust in God, that He is indeed forming us and shaping us for something big. He has put the orphan in our hearts as a family! And I’m bursting with excitement to see where it will lead us.
    praying for your Eric!!!

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