I was wrong.

For a brief moment in time it seemed like such a useful skill.

That is until he learned how to take everything off.

Even a onesie!  With snaps!

Which is a total bummer at naptime.  And bedtime.  And pretty much anytime we are trying to head out the door.

But that look of pride, his I can do it! expression is priceless.

Next up?  Learning how to put clothes on.

{A total side note, but I’m starting to think that Justin Bieber just might have some competition in the hair department…}


2 thoughts on “I was wrong.

  1. go Charlie!!! and Libby, be grateful for small things..at least he hasn’t taken his diaper off during nap time, WHEW! LOL XO

  2. What a darling little boy, Charlie. I was going to comment the same as Lara. He’s still wearing the diaper ***grin*** I used a safety pin just below the zipper tab on our kids sleepers making the zipper impossible to lower…except maybe for Charlie :)

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