Right now Charlie is yelling at me from his crib and I’m doing my best to ignore him.  I’m serious about nap time and yelling won’t change my mind.  I’m tough like that, but I’m certain it’s not just me.  Go ahead and ask any stay-at-home mom, there is this one moment in time when all of the stars align – your sweet angels are napping, you had the luxury of eating lunch, your washer, dryer and dishwasher are all running and *wait for it* there is peace and quiet.  This may only last for a minute, until the phone rings or the UPS man rings your doorbell waking up the kids, but that moment is pure bliss.  At least for me.

So what do I do while I’m enjoying a moment such as this?  Why I write about my children of course. Because there are so many great things to record.

Like all of the new skills Charlie is mastering.  Nothing earth-shattering, but worth celebrating all the same.  Our boy seems to be on a roll.  Some of his newest tricks are basic life skills, useful things like undressing.  However, this skill also has its downside, like when your freshly bathed and jammied sweet boy calls you to his room one hour after being tucked in.  Needless to say we now include onesies in our pajama attire.

You might think Charlie developed his own technique.  However if you know me well {and ever have shopped with me} you know that on plenty of occasions I have required assistance in the dressing room.  And unless you have long monkey arms like me, you really have no idea how tricky it is to get out of a simple shirt, or prom dress.  I’m just sayin’…  So I’m pretty darn proud of my sweet boy.

Then there are others skills, that aren’t quite as important but are still good to have under your belt.  You know, things like not eating the paint while painting or tasting the play dough and sharing.

I believe that’s two {three?} more skills to check off the list.

Check, check baby.  Hey, it’s the little things right?

Then there is this little guy.  William continues to prove that he has mastered the art of the screech/scream combo, while tossing in a bit of whining for good measure.  Sigh.  He is such a good boy.  Except when he isn’t.  He has however started to parrot words.  He speaks each new word, breaks into a big smile and then claps his hands, understanding the meaning of this new skill.  His voice is that perfect sing-song baby pitch.  I wish I could bottle it.  The talking one, not the screeching one.  Perhaps he is in the midst of skill learning overload.  I’m pretty sure that learning to walk and talk all at the same time falls under “the really big deal” category.

{See his drooly rash?  Poor baby…}

However, there is a benefit to all of this walking and talking.  Little William and Charlie are all of the sudden two peas in a pod.  They play.  Interact.  Screech in unison.  It’s a bit like having twins.

Then there is my new artiste.  Henry has discovered a newfound love for the arts.  I’m pretty sure its related to the cold and snowy weather because once all of his snow gear is soaked through he is busy churning out one masterpiece after another.  Constantly on the look-out for his little brothers, Henry makes sure that there is always paper and crayons out for them to use.  My oldest son never ceases to amaze me with his love and kindness towards his brothers.

Still with me?  Bless you.

Speaking of growing up, we are starting to toss around the idea of having Henry and Charlie share a room.  This move would include moving Charlie out of his crib into a twin bed.  Which brings up two points.  While I have this dream of my boys all squeezed into one room with bunk beds I can also picture small children flying through the air off of these precious beds.  Which makes something closer to the ground much more appealing.  Then there is a part of me that secretly feels more comfortable with Charlie in a crib.  But I also remind myself that Charlie is always one to rise to the occasion, and I never want to stop pushing him – our expectations for him are high – but we get comfortable…  As for my two points {yes they are random} do you have any experience in this area?  Is three too early for Charlie to move to a big-boy bed?  We’ve already acknowledged that if Charlie didn’t have Down syndrome he would most likely be in a big boy bed already…  Next point.  Where in the world do you find cute twin beds?  My preference is the “jenny lind” style, but I would spray paint them in a masculine color like navy or red of course.  I have a vision OK?

Ohh.  Silence.  My boys are napping.  At the same time!  I think I’ll wrap this up and move on to laundry.


7 thoughts on “Skills

  1. Oh, yes, the blessed quiet! How I love it (and need it!).

    Go, Charlie, go with those sweet milestones!

    Libby, I am on the hunt for a Jenny Lind-ish twin bed for Viv, too. Land of Nod has a white one (which I love) but I’m having a hard time with the $500 price tag…I will let you know if I track down another source – will you do the same? :-) (Or, I may just succumb because I really do love it.)

  2. What good kids. Not eating AND sharing is quite the feat.
    The drawing pictures are awesome! All three together in 1 and artistic focus on the faces in the 2nd.

  3. We put Nicholas in a big boy bed in August (he will be three in February). It is one of those car beds, that is a little lower to the ground and the mattress sits a little lower which has stopped him from rolling off the sides. He did great with the transition from crib to bed (if only potty training was that easy!)

    Love the playdoh milestone…we haven’t mastered that one yet :)

  4. God knows what he is doing when he sends little siblings for our angels with ds. My Mira is 4 and her baby sister Holly is 2 and1/2. Mira has 2 older sisters and one older brother, but Holly is the best thing for Mira; they play together, learn together and teach each other sooo much. Mira has had such gains in her speech and general talking and I swear it has NOTHING to do with her school and private speech therapy sessions and EVERYTHING to do with Holly as her model and peer (and I’m a speech therapist! I should never even say such things!). I’m absolutely positive now that life and siblings are the best speech and language teachers ever. My girls really are eachothers’ best friend. Also, Mirabella has been out of her crib since 20 months. We pushed the bed up against one wall and put a bed rail on the other side. She has done great ever since. Of course, we do keep her door closed at night so that she isn’t able to wander around. Also, we made sure the furniture was secure and that her room is completely babyproofed for when she does get out of bed. She shares a room with Holly, who also is no longer in a crib (all of my kids learn to get out of the crib ridiculously early). You just can’t beat the sounds of playing and laughter waking you up early in the morning. Good luck!!

  5. We moved our daughter Cate to a single bed at 3 since we were expecting a new one. She did great – we used side rails and it was weeks before she even realized she could get out! We got a single bed that was handed down from my grandmothers house instead of a toddler bed so it would be of use for a longer time. What we did to keep it a little safer was instead of using a box spring we put the mattress on a board – that allowed Cate to use a small step to get into bed herself and if she ever fell out was a foot closer to the floor. She is 5 now and has only fallen out of bed one time even though the rails have been off for over 6 months. We used a baby gate on her door so she couldn’t wander around during her nightly wake up – and now that is down too and she hasn’t ended up anywhere but our room. And the best part for me – I love being able to climb in her bed to read books at night or play in the morning – plus not having to lift a 3 year old into a crib make your back much happier!!!

  6. Does the side of the crib come off? Ours is removable for a day-bed type setup. And when Gavin was moved to his big-boy bed, we got these barriers for the edge of the bed from and they worked so well!

    As far as the new bed, Pottery Barn Kids always has super cute stuff. And I think they’ve usually got the kind of beds you are wanting, and even in navy!

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