We traveled for Thanksgiving.  I realize this is something most people do, but for us it was only the second time in my entire life I have traveled for Thanksgiving.  Ever.  The kids did great and made our quick day-trip seem almost easy.  However, if you were to glance at the back of the car you might have guessed that we were traveling for weeks and not hours, though I must point out everything was used and needed.

Dad drove, Alex in front.  Mom, William and I sat in the middle row and Charlie and Henry were in the back row.  Whew!

A big thank you to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Mike for hosting our crew.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  And while I tried to capture the day, apparently I was too busy enjoying the good food and catching up with family to take pictures of everyone.  Though William certainly made up for any lost picture time.

He’s obsessed with tractors, I’m obsessed with his plaid pants.  He’s just so darn cute.

Four generations, my dad Ken, Libby, my Grandmama, Louise and William

Charlie with his great-Grandpapa

The day after Thanksgiving Henry was eager to start unpacking our Christmas decorations.  We had the tree up before noon but were still in our jammies.  One of the main perks of having a fake tree might I add.  The other advantage?  No tangled lights.  Add a yummy pine scented candle and there is no need for a trek into the forest.

Besides learning the fine art of fluffing faux tree branches Henry took it upon himself to “decorate”.  And being such a flexible, go with the flow mom, I allowed it.  Until he was fast asleep and then I redecorated.  Does that put me right on the naughty list?  To be fair, I did hang Christmas lights around his room which catapulted me back to cool status.

We’re still living in a winter wonderland.  It’s snowing and its supposed continue for a few days.  Poor Charlie was knocked out by a flu bug this morning.  I’m crossing my fingers that its only a 24 hour thing {and that this bug doesn’t bug anyone else} but I’m enjoying the snuggles in the meantime.  I don’t know how he does it, but Charlie literally melts into my arms just so.  I love it.

I’m soaking up every bit of this season.  Sipping coffee in front of the tree, reading Christmas stories to the boys.  The hustle and bustle of the season hasn’t hit us yet and I’m hoping to avoid it this year.  Is that possible?  And no it’s not because I’m finished with my shopping.  I have yet to begin and honestly wonder if I should.  It doesn’t seem right that I’m searching all the internet for gift ideas for my children.  As in, they don’t need anything, so I’m trying to come up with ideas.  I don’t want to take away the *wonder* or *magic* of Christmas – because let’s face it – for little ones nothing is better than a new gift, but I do want to balance it with a good dose of why we actually celebrate Christmas.  So we talk about baby Jesus, selected three *angels* to purchase gifts for from the angel tree at church, toss in some simple craft projects, bake cookies galore and fill our calendar with time for family and friends.  That seems like a good fit for now.

I’m off to reheat my coffee {again}, snuggle with my little ones and watch the snow fall.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving.

  1. I love reading your posts because I always relate in part to them. I too am searching to find things for my boys for Christmas…they have enough already and I don’t want anymore “stuff”! And your guest post was lovely…your perspective on raising a child with DS is so positive, yet realistic and your Charlie sounds so much like my Nicholas (even down to the devouring blueberries :) Happy holidays to your family!!

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