Lots of snow, many thanks and a brave face.

Winter is here and I can’t even begin to express how happy three days in a row of snow! makes Henry.  Sledding?  Sure, that’s fun for a little while, but its the snow shoveling that really gets him excited.  Yesterday after we finished the driveway I caught him moving out to the street.  But mom, I’m just going to get things started until the city plows come by.  Today he decided to tackle our neighbors driveway.  After finishing ours of course.  I just hope our neighbors realize that this is his version of fun

Sweet boy.

Then there is Charlie.  While he may look good with his super-cute new haircut and dressed-up in all of his snow gear, he is most certainly not a fan of the balmy 0 degree weather.  Or his new snow boots for that matter.  Who can blame him?  But at his big brother’s request he did give shoveling a try.  One mini-meltdown later and I think its safe to take snow shovel off of his Christmas list.

Rosy cheek season is already in full-swing.

As for William, little guy experienced a little snow before I shuttled him into the warm house.  While I don’t think he will be building any snowmen this year I’m guessing by his initial reaction that he will be joining our shovel brigade next year.

Once his mom gets him some appropriate snow gear of course.

I love these boys.

This weekend we are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with our extended family and are gearing up for a single day ‘o travel.  We love our snow, but if this storm would take a day off it would be much appreciated.

As for today, I’m guest posting at Thin Places.  When Amy Julia asked me to write a piece for her Perfectly Human feature I was both honored and nervous.  And when I sat down to write, not one thing came to mind.  So I started at the beginning of *our* – mine and Charlie’s – journey and followed our story until today.  It felt so good to see how far I’ve come – and the abundance of grace that took to get me here.  But here we are; life is good, lovely and filled with love.  If that isn’t something to be thankful for I don’t know what is.  You can read the article here.

Happy Thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Lots of snow, many thanks and a brave face.

  1. snow already?! we are still in the 80’s here..loved seeing the white stuff and those beautiful boys! I could squeeze them all! Happy Thanksgiving, loved the Thin Places post..I see myself when I read those words..still knowing I have to let go to get to that “technicolor” place, but reflecting back over this last year God has taken me so far! Love the “lost sheep” part too, ask myself all the time if God had to go this far to recapure his sheep? Trusting in His perfect plan and His purpose for their lives, knowing he created our boys fearfully and wonderfully made! XO Lara

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