Blogging rules

Blogging is a funny thing isn’t it?  Sometimes I wonder who the heck I’m writing too.  All of the internet I guess, but for the most part my rants, raves and long stories are for me.  To remember, to work through my thoughts word by word.  I realize that flexing my opinions for the whole wide world probably won’t create a tidal wave of change, but it does reaffirm my own faith, my believes and the legacy I hope to leave for my children.  And maybe, just maybe, my words can give hope to someone who is searching, is struggling with a new diagnosis, or needs to know that they aren’t alone.

Yet sometimes there is a little part of me that feels like blogging is one more thing to check off of my to-do list.  Silly isn’t it?  I certainly never have a lack of things to say, I just lack the time to write.  But I’m so thankful to have this space to capture our family’s many memories.  Then there is whole “meeting” and connecting with other families, especially those who are also raising a child with Down syndrome.  I never expected this gift and that alone makes me forever grateful to the internet.

I realize how silly I may sound, but a blog requires quite a bit of time and effort.  Don’t worry I love it and I’m hooked, it’s just that when I started this blog I thought it would be a one-sided journal.   Yet before my very eyes it became multidimensional with comments, e-mails and feedback.  Then there is the whole matter of blog etiquette. What are the rules?  Are there rules?  Am I supposed to respond to each comment?  E-mail?  I don’t know.  As a person who likes to follow rules this is worrisome.  Do I pretend like I’m just writing to myself and my family?  Do I acknowledge the world-wide web?

Hmmm…I guess this is where I go out on my own blogging limb create my own rules…sort of…

As a reader of this blog know that I read and appreciate each and every comment and e-mail.  It’s an honor to be entrusted with each story shared with me – your worries, concerns and joys.  I do respond to every e-mail, though please be patient because sometimes folding laundry, bathing the children or making dinner takes priority.

And when a new parent requests a book through Sharing our Blessings – either Road Map to Holland or Gifts – I try to get a book in the mail within three days.  Sometimes a parent requests a book, but doesn’t send a mailing address or they send an address, but aren’t specific as to which book they would like.  I respond, but don’t always hear back…and I wonder…so please, please, don’t hesitate to get back to me no matter how long its been, I’d love to still send you a book.

Also, to other parents are there any new Down syndrome related books that you think I should add to the mix?  I realize that we are three years removed from the newborn stage and might have missed a new book worth sharing.  Let me know.  As for now we are still mailing out books – two years in and we’ve mailed out almost 80 books.  Because of my frequent re-ordering I’m certain amazon must think I really have some sort of attachment to these two books.  I guess I do…

Oh, one more thing.  Facebook.  My grandma brought her laptop over to our house yesterday and showed me her facebook account.  I’m pretty sure that means I’m the last one on the planet without an account.  I’ve “picked my internet poison” so to speak and blogging won that battle, but would maybe consider if there is a strong Down syndrome community or a good way to reach other new parents…maybe…so let me know.

So there you have it, blogging worries that keep me up at night.  What are yours?  What blogging rules do you follow and break?  Facebook; love it or hate it?

Happy weekend-ing!  By the looks of it I think we’ll be heading to supercuts…


6 thoughts on “Blogging rules

  1. Sorry, had to laugh! (at the Amazon comment). I LOVE your little guy’s super light, blond hair and bright blue eyes. I think it’s wonderful what you’ve done for new moms/families in sending out books. My all time fave is still the first Gifts and Roap Map to Holland. Gifts is what helped affirm what I already knew inside… that John Michael was a gift, but it was good to read other peoples’ views on that, especially when all the medical books on Ds were so depressing. I’m glad you’re still here… :-)

  2. I’m not on Facebook, either, Libby! I tried it once for a brief time, and never again!

    Just wanted to say thank you for whatever blogging you find time for at any point. I enjoy reading your musings, and each of us reach a unique circle that others may not reach. Also, thank you again for the book you sent to me when we found out Verity would come w/ an extra chromosome. Your gift and your kind words meant more to me than you will ever know.

  3. I think “Sharing Our Blessings” is an amazing program! Great job!

    You are so much better at being a regular blogger and posting great pictures of the boys. One day, I’m sure that they will really enjoy looking back on your posts about what they were doing at that stage of their young lives.

    I wish you were on FB so we could be FB friends, but I’m just happy to see that there are other families that love someone with DS. Your blog is a great source of encouragement to me whenever I feel a little overwhelmed and worried about the “what ifs.”

  4. I have to say that I am one of the those new parents searching for hope and anything else I can find. We just recieved the prenatal news that our baby has DS…It has been a LOOOONNNG few weeks, however, I feel so much better when I see others blogs…Like yours. So thank you!!!!

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