Fall, leaves and slowing down.

Fall is in full-swing and the leaves are everywhere.  On the ground, in every corner of my car and strangely enough, in my dryer.  Henry is an avid collector of any and all things.  And since I can’t be bothered or can’t seem to remember to empty his pockets – which are filled to the brim each day – their contents come out either during the spin cycle or while tumbling dry.  This week alone I have found a hand-full of decorative beads, five rubber bands, a whole walnut {which cracked open leaving behind the actual edible walnut pieces}, three acorns, a stick, two rocks and of course some leaves.

We’ve welcomed fall and at the same time embraced a slower pace.  Shared dinners, birthday celebrations, meeting new babies, morning walks, coffee dates, and quiet afternoons while the children are napping fill our days leaving little time for running errands, keeping up on e-mail, appointment scheduling, or cleaning.  I’ve been reminded {yet again} how wonderfully full our days feel when we spend time with those we love and enjoy sharing our lives with.

That’s not to say that we haven’t had our fair share of busy days and mundane tasks.  We have, and they’ve included four dentist appointments, one eye doctor visit, one hearing screening, blood work for two, two pediatrician visits, two urologist appointments, an orthotic fitting and that’s just in the last three weeks.  Seriously.  And that doesn’t include Saturday’s trip to the doctor diagnosing Charlie’s croup or tomorrow’s appointment and Wednesday’s surgery for William.  Yeah, we’re on pace to meet the family deductible for our health insurance.  Fun times.

Whew.  And in the midst of all this I’m always learning.  Learning to shift my priorities a little bit here and there, ensuring that I’m always putting my best effort and time into the people and things that matter most to me – my faith, family and friends.  You know, instead of getting wrapped up in the little things.  Hypothetically speaking of course.  I’m enjoying this slower pace.  Spending an entire hour after school playing in the leaves.  Leaving the toys out even when the mess is driving me crazy.  Tackling a craft project or two. Rocking a sick kiddo who is extra snuggly.  Jumping into a pile of leaves.

Life with little ones really is more fun – fulfilling really – when you quit fighting the current and just give into the moment.  I know this in my heart, but I’m stubborn so I remind myself often.

I should probably get ready for bed now, this whole “falling behind” daylight savings thing means that our little ones will be up early again…5:00 a.m. early…and our sick little one has been waking up throughout the night…that and Alex just asked me what are you writing about? and all I could say was fall, leaves and slowing down.


Good night.


3 thoughts on “Fall, leaves and slowing down.

  1. I always love your post!
    “Slowing down” seems to be on my mind alot these days, and I have found that it is something I have to be deliberate about!
    Hope the surgery goes well.
    Oh, and you would not believe what I find in my dryer!

  2. Too cute about all the wonderful finds in the dryer. Pretty safe stuff too. Last year I found my sons cell phone in the dryer…ooops ! **grin**
    I hope and pray the surgery goes well and that God may guide the surgeons hands

  3. Slowing down sounds like a good idea. I never seem to be able to actually slow it down much. That long list of appointments sounds familiar and manages to fill the calendar quickly, doesn’t it? I’ll be saying prayers for William & the surgical team that will be caring for him.

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