Silly memories.

Our family is good at making memories, those silly and not so silly little moments in life.  I love this.  It is these same moments that make our somewhat ordinary days extraordinary.  Some new favorites:

Silly memory # 1

Call me crazy, but I think its hysterical that my one year-old son acts as if he’s “the king of the world!” when riding in a grocery cart.  I laugh at my little monkey who wiggles around despite being buckled in, always managing to get a leg or arm stuck in the most unusual places.  I also love the looks I get from other shoppers.  You can only imagine their faces – ranging from hey clueless mom, turn your kid around to this woman needs to have her baby taken away from her.  I smile and the King and I continue on filling our cart.

Silly memory # 2

A confession really.  My kids love the Black Eyed Peas.  As in all three kids rock out when any one of their songs is played.  No kidding.  I typically have our Christian radio station on but also keep a mixed CD in the car that the boys frequently request.  Of course I oblige.  Afterall, how can I say no to Charlie when he is signing Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh, specifically requesting a song from the Black Eyed Peas?  And the kid not only sings the songs, but dances.  They all do – rocking out in their five-point harnesses, dancing one way for country saving other moves up for rock-n-roll.

Silly memory # 3

Halloween is not my thing.  I love harvest themes and fall with the best of them, but Halloween?  Nope.  Give me changing leaves, turtleneck sweaters a pumpkin spice latte and I am thrilled.  Carving a pumpkin?  Outfitting my kids in costumes?  Nope.  The good news is that good ‘ol mother’s guilt is starting to kick in and we are kicking up our Halloween celebrations a notch.  Alex really stepped up his game, carving not one, but two pumpkins.  This was serious business.  And not to worry, all three kids will be outfitted in costumes {hand-me downs are the best aren’t they?}  So yes maybe, just maybe, I’m coming around to this silly little holiday.  Just not enough to actually sport my own costume, but enough to enjoy the occasional jack-o-lantern.  Really, who can resist such fun?  {A key part of this memory – William is wearing the same costume at 14 months that Henry wore at five months.}

Silly memory # 4

Henry is the proud owner of not one, but two whoopee cushions.  They have pretty much been the sole source of entertainment around here for all of my boys.  It’s like boys have this genetic “thing” that makes them laugh uncontrollably when a cushion is “deployed.”  Even William understands the game and belly laughs each and every time.  Careful, no seat is safe at our house.

Silly memory # 5

We are all about routine.  After dinner the kids all hop into the tub and then its time for jammies.  Sure our schedule varies based on the weather – during summer you can find us outside after dinner – but now that the nights are cold and dark we have moved on to a perennial favorite.  The Dance Party. Henry and Charlie take their dance parties very seriously, but there has been a newcomer on the dancing scene and boy is he sold.

Now that is the stuff that memories are made from.


4 thoughts on “Silly memories.

  1. love these pics! and i had to laugh at the first one because there are times i hurry and grab the camera when i should instead probably stop henry from doing what he’s doing! ;)

  2. awesome!!! I tell ya, Charlie’s excitement brings me to tears….every time! JEB is the same way! He gets excited about the simplest things!! Isn’t it great to be a mom of a special needs child???

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