9:42 a.m. Thursday morning

Waiting for the school bus.

Henry feigned “sick” for the day and I obliged.  I secretly think he wanted to watch his brother ride the school bus.  He’s a wee bit jealous.

Posing for a photo until something else caught his eye…

I’m a mother.  I fret, I worry.  Did we make the right decision sending him to school?  How will we know?  He’s so young and I worry that he won’t be able to tell me if he doesn’t like it…

I’m pretty sure words couldn’t express his feelings about school any clearer.  Charlie loves going to school.

One month into preschool, so far so good.  Our refrigerator is covered by Charlie’s masterpieces.  He is using more words and sounds and is down-right more independent.  Taking off his coat {signing help if the zipper is stuck}, hanging it up.  Clearing dishes after meals.  And no kidding, I think he has a little more giddy-up in his step.

Admittedly I was skeptical of the whole special education preschool bit, but our experience has only been positive.  I think its important to share this as the bad school experiences seem to gain the most attention.  The evaluation and IEP process was smooth, the teacher, school counselor and I easily worked through it; setting goals for Charlie, meeting our requests and such.  There was no drama, need for lawyers or fist pounding to get our point across.  The priority was clearly Charlie and we were all working together to make sure his school experience will help to make Charlie become the best Charlie he can be – special education or mainstream.  It was a pleasant relief, as I was nervous to be leaving the “safety net” of early intervention.

We are fortunate to have a classroom lead by a teacher who loves what she does.  There are two aides {one is a registered nurse} and a speech therapist.  And the best part?  Seven kids!  That’s a better ratio than Charlie has a home!  And the children in Charlie’s class are wonderful.  My biggest fear about putting Charlie into a special education setting was the other students.  I was worried that Charlie would be in a room with children who had a host of behavioral issues – behavior that I didn’t want him to learn or bring home.  Instead the other children have been delightful.  They greet us as I buckle Charlie into his seat on the bus Hi Charlie! and they are darling to boot!

After school I greet Charlie on the bus and we head in for lunch.  Together we sit down and while he eats I go through the goodies in his backpack; art projects, a listing of the activities completed that day, sometimes a note from his teacher, a song sheet, his “extra shirt” covered in paint or water from the water table – both signs of a fun time.  We recount the day, Charlie laughs as we talk about school.  I ask him if he had fun being the “copy helper.”  He smiles bashfully.  We finish lunch, head to his room for a nap rock, and read a few stories before he falls fast asleep.


6 thoughts on “9:42 a.m. Thursday morning

  1. i don’t blame henry for feigning ‘sick’ for the day…i would also love to come over and see charlie get on that bus if his smile is that big every time he goes!!! so many blessings to this post and all that charlie is doing…

  2. Libby, I am so glad that your family has had such a positive experience and that Charlie is doing so well in preschool. He has such a lovely smile and a zest for life. Love it!

  3. Oh the happy tears!!! Yeah!!!! Is there anything better as a mama than letting go a little and seeing them flourish!!!??? I am soooo happy for you all! What a blessing!!!! oxox

  4. What a sweet post Libby, especially the pictures and your afternoon with Charlie! I love being able to stay updated with your lives and I miss you all!

  5. Libby,

    I’m so thrilled that you and Charlie are having such a positive, wonderful school experience!! JEB, too loves, loves, loves going to school and being in the middle of all that activity. I, too was leary about sending him to public school and even more so when we moved, a couple of years ago. BUT he handled it all better than me!!

    I’m also quite proud of you that you let him ride the bus. I still haven’t ventured that far yet. I just don’t want to go there. I have such bad pictures in my head about buses that I would just rather take him.

    JEB does great going to school, getting his breakfast from the line-just like everyone else does. I’m very proud of him!! He even goes into the bldg all alone and gets to the lunchroom by himself!

    Charlie will continue doing great, I’m sure!! Yay for you both!!

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